Wrap a book, give a future. Oxfam Italia and Mondadori Store together again at Christmas to ensure inclusive education for all

Guaranteeing an inclusive education for all: this is the objective that, again this year, for the second consecutive year, Oxfam is launching together with the Mondadori Store through the Christmas project “Wrap a book, give a future”. This initiative is part of a partnership which sees the Mondadori Store and Oxfam together in activities aimed … Read more

UNHCR and the Almería Bar Association ensure the international protection of refugees, stateless persons and asylum seekers

Refugees, stateless persons and applicants for stateless status, as well as asylum seekers or with the intention of requesting it, have a new service at their disposal in the capital of Almeria, the Legal Advice for International Protection (ALPI) which this Monday has inaugurated the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Spain and … Read more

Screening for visual disturbances to ensure well


While we know that 80% of learning occurs through sight, few large-scale studies have been conducted to study the direct link between sight disorders and well-being at school. If the prevalence of visual disorders in children is well known (25% of primary school pupils according to Asnav), there is still a lack of means in … Read more

Quantity does not ensure quality: what does the time extension of classes mean and what sense does it make?


John Paul Sarkissian The province of Santa Fe, through the Ministry of Education, made public its decision to sign the bilateral agreement with the National Government to teach five hours of daily classes in primary schools. This would begin to be implemented, in a first stage and from August, in the 813 rural establishments. It … Read more

“China offers an important lesson to ensure food security,” says senior United Nations official


Town Online 2022:06:17.13:13 Muniwara Hameed, 39, is a former school meal provider whose life has been turned upside down by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka. (Photo: Courtesy of the World Food Program) By Shen Weiduo China’s efforts to ensure the food security of its citizens and the lessons on agricultural production and protection of … Read more