April (Uil Scuola): politicians stop raiding the school, the contract must establish everything

“Avoid the incursion of politicians into the school and establish everything through the contract, which must be actualized”. She said it Giuseppe D’Aprile, general secretary of the Uil Scuolawhich has put its hands on the politicians by stating that it is by bargaining that the rules of regulation must be established. D’Aprile participated in the … Read more

It is necessary to establish campaigns to prevent teenage pregnancies: Liz Arroyo

Oaxaca Dialogues Government institutions “are not fulfilling their obligation to establish campaigns to prevent teenage pregnancies, with this omission, unfortunately, the chances of maternal death are increased, without forgetting the negative effects of clandestine abortions,” said local deputy Lizett Arroyo Rodriguez. During the ordinary session of the LXV State Legislature, the popular representative presented an … Read more

MAGA and Mineduc establish school gardens in Totonicapán


Totonicapán, Jul 7 (AGN).- In Totonicapán, school gardens have been promoted as a tool to improve educational quality and the knowledge of students and their families on nutritional issues. The strategy has been taken mainly to rural areas, where, according to the authorities, the achievements have been evident. The Ministry of Education (Mineduc)through the General … Read more

First Meeting to establish procedures for school coexistence agreements


The technical teams of the National Program Policies for School Coexistence in a Framework of Rights, of the Ministries of Education of the Nation and the Province held the First Provincial Meeting under the motto: “The construction of school agreements of coexistence in key of care” . The work was carried out with the purpose … Read more