Defense College receives award for “Excellence” by the US

The National Defense College (CDN), which functions as a postgraduate center for the Honduran Armed Forces (AF.AA.), received the “Excellence” award in the institutional category for the year 2022, awarded by the Center for Studies Hemispheric “William J. Perry”, from the United States of America. The award was presented at a special ceremony held in … Read more

Carlos Chávez School Orchestra, excellence in musical education

The Carlos Chavez School Orchestra (OECCh)artistic group of National System for Musical Promotion (SNFM)an institution of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, will begin its new school year this month, with the incorporation of 12 newly hired instrumentalists. In this way, three qualification exams will be carried out, which will be held … Read more

Enhancement of excellence in secondary school, state and equal schools students: who can apply

The Miur 409 Notice of 10-01-2022 indicates the procedure for Initiatives to enhance excellence for the 2022/2023 school year. “The procedure is reserved for internal subjects and subjects external to the school administration with the requisites envisaged by the regulations and with already consolidated experiences in terms of enhancing the merit of secondary school students. … Read more

The enhancement of excellence with economic incentives for students: circular and forms for data publication consent

The subject of the enhancement of excellence was introduced in our school by law 1 of 11 January 2007 and, after an experimental phase, is now governed by legislative decree 262 of 29 December 2007. This honor roll, established at national level , aims to collect the names of deserving students and is published at … Read more

The Caivano Prize is back. Navas: “The excellence of the territory for the future of the community”


The Caivano Prize restarts. After the forced stop of two years, Tuesday 26 July at 8.00 pm the spotlight will turn on again on the splendid location of Palazzo Marchesale in Casolla to kick off the fourth edition of the event, promoted by the Sveglia Caivano associationwhich as always aims to put Caivanese excellence at … Read more

European certificate of excellence for multilingual skills and European / international skills: what we are talking about. The guidelines of a high school

The European Certificate of Excellence for multilingual skills and European / international skills is a European certificate of excellence for students of Italian schools. It is issued after verification by an evaluation and validation committee appointed by the MIUR. The certificate is issued at the same time as the diploma which constitutes a qualification for … Read more

Cours Thalès, academic support of excellence for high school students


By Media France for Cours Thalès Published 8 hours ago, Update 8 hours ago Cours Thalès, academic support of excellence for high school students Thales course In order to prepare high school and preparatory students for their further studies, Cours Thalès supports them with kindness in their quest for excellence. Cours Thalès, academic support of … Read more

The excellence of the Italian school returns to Valdobbiadene at the School Innovation Festival 2022


More than eighty institutes of all types and levels, from all over Italy, have sent their projects to innovate the school from below. It will now be the task of the Scientific Committee to select the most interesting and creative ideas. The National Festival of Scholastic Innovation comes alive. On Monday, the deadlines for the … Read more

Employment, Giordano (Ugl): “Good school is excellence in the world of work”.


Advertisement Employment, Giordano (Ugl): “Good school is excellence in the world of work”. “The company asks for professionalism every day, to have a school in the Ionian areathat these professional skills form them is a guarantee for the entire territory. Underthe management of Professor Maria Carmela Stigliano, assisted by onefirst-rate training staff, the IIS Pythagoras … Read more

“Discovery reports”: “A year in a boarding school of excellence”, Saturday October 30 on TF1


These are somewhat special public colleges or high schools: boarding schools of excellence. There are more than 300 in France and they all have the same objective: to give young people in difficulty a taste for school and work and bring them to success. For a year the cameras of “Discovery reports” arose in the … Read more