Miele, Lega: “PNRR: SCHOOL PLAN 4.0, Innovative Learning Environments”, Lega’s conference with Minister Valditara tomorrow in Latina School, innovation and Pnr, these issues will be discussed tomorrow in Latina in the presence of the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, in the conference entitled: “PNRR: SCHOOL PLAN 4.0, Innovative Learning Environments”. An initiative strongly … Read more

Equal schools, expenditure of over 646 million is expected from next year. Stabilized previous funds. The figures

Starting from next year, private schools will be able to count on over 120 million euros more deriving from the stabilization of the funds made available by the previous manoeuvres. This can be seen from the summary table of investments in the 2023 budget law published in the Official Gazette. Compared to what was previously … Read more

Surprise on Netflix: the musical of ‘Matilda’ with Emma Thompson is better than expected

Danny DeVitoin his role as director (which, although known, will always be striking), signed in 1996 Matildaadaptation of the fondly remembered children’s novel by the great Roald Dahl for those of us who were kids then due to the appeal of its rarity and singularities within the framework of family cinema. arrival at Netflix of … Read more

Censis report, the country does not mature and suffers from emergencies. School: a “demographic tsunami” expected in the coming decades


The press conference was held this morning to present the 56th Censis report. To explain the trend of our country in recent years, the general manager Valerii: “It was a particular three-year period, first the pandemic, then the war, the roller coaster of inflation. Energy is no longer an always available commodity. We are experiencing … Read more

Orange alert again, severe bad weather expected in the next few hours


Strong winds, thunderstorms and showers. Come back the orange alert in Sicily scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 29 November. The bad weather that is affecting the island these days intensifies. This can be read in the notice of the regional civil protection number 22332 for meteorological-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk. Expect inconvenience. Adverse weather conditions The note … Read more

Recruitment reform and PNRR: let’s take stock of the state of implementation and the expected measures


There review of the recruitment system it is one of the 6 reforms envisaged by our country in the Mission 4 Education and Research of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The reform provides for the transition to a new recruitment system structured in 3 steps: enabling courses of 60 credits (or 30 on … Read more

The expected consolidation works in the elementary school, in the parking lot, here are the temporary modules to carry out the lessons


The Municipality of Cesenatico is preparing everything necessary to be able to proceed with the structural consolidation of the Elementary School in Sala with part of the funds coming from the Pnrr. In order to carry out the work, it was necessary to install temporary modules in the adjacent parking lot in which to carry … Read more

Gualtieri inaugurates a new kindergarten in Acilia, it had been expected for 15 years


New kindergarten in Acilia, had been expected for 15 years The mayor of Rome: “An energy community will also be created here to share clean energy with the local area” ROME – A new kindergarten in Acilia. The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, in via Orazio Amato attended the … Read more

Bourges: the renovation of schools may take longer than expected


The biggest project this year is the Maryse Bastié kindergarten in the airport district: 1,245,411 euros invested. In this school, as in many others, everything has to be redone : ” We had the roof redone and it was very important “explains Céline Madrolles, deputy mayor of Bourges. ” We carried out the asbestos removal … Read more

The prefab construction market is expected to expand at a steady pace over the period 2022


Market overview The prefabricated building market is estimated to be $ 227.7 billion. Along with an increase in the CAGR of 6.85% by 2030.It deals with the production of components of a building at the factory site. In addition, the components are brought to the construction site. Plus everything is assembled to complete the building. … Read more