Patricia Bullrich explained how the takeover of schools should be resolved

The president of Pro, Patricia Bullrichspoke this morning and referred to the young people who took the schools during the last weeks in the city of Buenos Aires: “The seizure of schools is a very clear political action of Kirchnerism”. Although he stressed that he does not want to fight with the head of government, … Read more

“Revenge Now” ending explained: Did Drea and Eleanor get their revenge?

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke“Revancha ya” (“Do Revenge” in its original language) is a netflix movie inspired by “Strangers on a Train” by Alfred Hitchcock. The Jennifer Kaytin Robinson-directed film follows Drea Torres, a popular girl who, after being dethroned at a private school, makes a secret deal with a new … Read more

Ploermel. The new Noé Verte school explained to citizens


Ploermel Community Posted on September 16, 2022 The elected officials of Ploërmel had positioned themselves in 2016 for the construction of a new school group, in order to bring together the 2 public schools: the Françoise Dolto nursery school and the Jules Verne elementary school. “The construction of the buildings of the 2 schools dated … Read more

Explained ending of “The Catholic School”, the Netflix movie based on the ‘Circeo Massacre’


WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Based on the homonymous novel by Edoardo Albinati, “The Catholic School” is a netflix italian movie that addresses the so-called “Circeo Massacre”, the crime committed by three wealthy Roman students that shocked Italian society in 1975. The film, which was directed by Stefano Mordini, premiered at the 2021 Venice Film Festival and … Read more

Minister Rosendo Serna explained the protocol in schools if a case of COVID


Schoolchildren will continue to attend face-to-face classes and must respect security protocols. (minedu) The Minister of Education Rosenda Serna He made a series of clarifications regarding the protocol that educational institutions must follow in the event of a case of COVID-19, within the framework of the fourth wave of infections. In interview with RPP Newsindicated … Read more

Intel vPro news with 12th generation Intel Core CPUs, explained by Intel


Intel vPro the platform for the management of computers in the company developed by Intel and appreciated for its ability to manage devices remotely centrally and for cutting-edge security. With the twelfth generation of the Intel Core processorsvPro also underwent a renewal and the introduction of several new features. We talked about it in … Read more