In tears, Gino Chouinard explains the reason why he left Salut Bonjour

Gino Chouinard announced in the last minutes that he was leaving Salut Bonjour after nearly 20 years. This news was unexpected by many viewers since Gino has been in his position as host for so many years… As some people said in a very friendly way, he was practically a “piece of furniture” in the … Read more

What explains the mass shootings in the United States? International comparisons suggest an answer: weapons

When the world looks at americahe sees a land of exceptions: a time-tested, if noisy, democracy, a crusader on foreign policy, an exporter of beloved music and movies. But there is a peculiarity that constantly puzzles to fans and critics in the United States. Why, they ask, so many are produced mass shootings? Perhaps, some … Read more

‘Matrix’ Star Harry Lennix Explains How Studying to Become a Priest Improved His Acting


Harry Lennix is ​​a veteran film, television and stage actor with a career spanning nearly four decades, but his path to the profession was far from traditional. The 57-year-old told Fox News Digital he originally felt called to become a Catholic priest in the Dominican order. However, his plans took a turn when he began … Read more

Hemp, a versatile fiber. A conference explains how


– As part of the initiatives on taste reading for restart with culture, thanks to the collaboration between Squares of Knowledgethe Caserta Turismo association, the network of Canapa Sativa companies, the ASVIS (Italian Agency for Sustainable Development) and Anteas Casertana on Friday 21 October 2022 from 5 to 7 pm in the ENOTECA PROVINCIALE in … Read more

“My Father’s Secrets”, a film that explains the Holocaust to children


“My Father’s Secrets” is an animated feature film released in theaters in France on September 21. The work, produced by Véra Belmont, which is aimed at children, accurately addresses the theme of the Shoah. It is adapted from the autobiographical comic Second Generation – what I didn’t tell my father by Belgian-Israeli author Michel Kichka. … Read more

Minister Ávila explains new measures: it will not be possible to “force a child to remove the mask”

This Wednesday the Ministry of Health announced big changes in the sanitary protocolamong which the mandatory use of masks stands out only in health centersthat already The Mobility Pass will not be required and what do I know they will eliminate the capacity. Following the announcement, the Ministry of Education also communicated modifications in its … Read more

“We don’t regret it at all”: Rofrane Bambara (Large families) explains her choice to separate her quadruplets at school


Tweeter Share on Facebook Mom of quadruplets, face of the show Large families, Rofrane Bambara has a busy daily life. Yet this year, she made a choice that could surprise many: that of separating her children at school. Explanations. The continuation under this advertisement Among the Bambara, the start of the 2022 school year has … Read more

Amandine Pellissard (Large families) no longer moves to Marseille, she explains why


Amandine Pellissard is one of the star mothers of the TF1 program, Large families life in XXL. As such, she is very popular on social networks and shares a large part of her daily life with her subscribers. Obviously, the subject of a potential move was therefore on everyone’s lips. Rumors had it that Amandine … Read more

Juliana Miller Explains Inspiration Behind ‘DX’ Crotch Chop Celebration After Winning The Ultimate Fighter 30


Juliana Miller picked up the biggest win of her young career on Saturday and afterwards she was more than happy to break it down. Not only did Miller find a third-round finish to defeat Brogan Walker and become The Ultimate Fighter 30 champion of the flyweight tournament, she put her personal stamp on it by … Read more

Garden and natural vegetable garden, from theory to practice: an event explains how to make them

“Garden and natural vegetable garden, from theory to practice” is the title of the final event of the project, realized with European Erasmus + funds, “Wild – Wild Garden for Learning and Development”. Friday 17 June 2022, from 15.30 to 19.30, inside the Agri Hyla farm (Loc. Cerqueto, Tuoro sul Trasimeno), all interested parties will … Read more