Severe disability and right to school, the appeal presented by Roberta’s family is rejected

The family ordered to pay the legal costs Roberta is 6 years old and is affected by a rare disease, campomelic acampomelic dysplasia, a disease that causes a very severe disability. Roberta has need continuous and constant assistance and to comply with his right to attend primary school it is necessary for the school to … Read more

Mayor of Syracuse replies to Finnish family letter: “Our teachers work wonders at school”

“The Finnish school system is among the best in the world, here our teachers work wonders with ridiculous salaries”, thus the mayor of Syracuse Francesco Italia responds to the Mattsson family who decided to leave Sicily just two months after the move due to the school conditions deemed unsuitable for the growth of children. The … Read more

Finnish family leaves Syracuse and attacks the Italian school, the mayor: “Here the teachers work miracles with ridiculous salaries”


The case of the Finnish family who decided to leave Italy specifically Syracuse, after a negative experience, according to them, of their children in the school desks of our country. There have been many comments about it, among people who agree with the Finns criticizing our education system, who did not like their statements and … Read more

Program Each Family a School will be broadcast at 8 in the morning starting on Monday, October 5


The People’s Power Minister for Education, Aristóbulo Istúriz announced this Friday that as of this Monday, October 5, the program Each Family One School will change its schedule and will be broadcast for initial and primary education at 8 in the morning and at 2 in the morning. In the afternoon, the transmission will be … Read more

A Ukrainian family saves the school of a remote community on the Lower North Shore | War in Ukraine


The arrival on September 19 of a Ukrainian family at Tête-à-la-Baleine moved Ivonne Fuentes so much that she cried with joy. With Mickael Lambert, Ms. Fuentes coordinated the project to welcome into his community these five Ukrainians – two adults and three children – who fled the war in Ukraine. It warmed my heart to … Read more

Welfare, Family Policies, Integration and Reception Policies, Social Welfare, Schools and Educational Offers, Civil Service and Associations: let’s take stock with Councilor Marta Jerovante

Home News Welfare, Family Policies, Integration and Reception Policies, Social Welfare, Schools and Educational Offers, Civil Service and Associations: let’s take stock with Councilor Marta Jerovante As we approach the end of the year and also the expiry of the administrative mandate of the Giunta Nisi, let’s take stock of the state of implementation of … Read more

Shakira chose an expensive school for her children, they would go with the family of Alejandro Sanz


On November 8, the headlines of all the media highlighted that Shakira had finally reached an agreement with her ex-partner Piqué, about the future of their children Sasha and Milan. You may also like: Would Carolina Soto leave from Day to Day? The presenter revealed what is coming for 2023 Here you can find more … Read more

How family conditions affect students’ learning


The impact of family status on student achievement Even today, many of the opportunities that girls and boys receive depend directly on family status. Firstly, for strictly socio-economic reasons. A family with fewer resources has more difficulty investing in their children’s education. Then there are factors of a cultural nature: for example in a family … Read more

Castelnuovo Berardenga: “Holy Family” nursery school and kindergarten open during the holidays | Radio Siena TV


Since September, the two services for 0-6 years, the “Castelnuovo” nursery school and the “Sacra Famiglia” infant school, have been managed by the Koinè social cooperative of Arezzo. As announced in recent months, work was carried out to modernize and revisit the spaces in both premises in Piazza Matteotti 6, which are essential for carrying … Read more

Few days left to request the family dowry, here’s what it is and how to do it


For minor children up to the age of 18 there is a contribution, disbursed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, to encourage the use of services and services of an educational, recreational and recreational nature and to reconcile family life with working times. It is about La Family dowry and the contribution can only be … Read more