Fashion and costume in the eighteenth century |

EIGHTEENTH CENTURY FASHION Fashion and costumes in the 1700s – Source: getty-images In the eighteenth century in Europe we witness a process of restoration of the monarchies in France and England. The population comes out of a long period characterized by sobriety to start getting lost in greater luxury. There both male and female fashion … Read more

IICC Mode: The benchmark school for fashion professions since 1961 is expanding and becoming My Fashion School

By Delta Agency Posted 2 minutes ago, Update just now In progress at our school in Marseille Didier Illouz Its creation dates back to 1961 when a passionate tailor eager to pass on his know-how created the only temple of fashion learning in Marseille. The IICC Mode, more than ever on the front of the … Read more

Fashion school


On Saturday morning, in what was once the office building of the former De Agostini graphic workshops in corso della Vittoria, the first prototype course of the Istituto Secoli, a historic Milanese fashion school that has trained four generations of fashion makers. In Novara the first course for prototypers The high fashion district in Novara … Read more

José Samaniego Piñeiro, fashion photographer


Among the photographers we have had in our Auria, probably the most unique biography is that of José Samaniego Piñeiro. Born in Baza (Granada) around 1888, when he was very young he moved to Ourense, to the Castrelo area, where his mother probably came from. The data on his early years are scarce, but they … Read more

Argumentative theme developed on fashion |


ARGUMENTATIVE THEME ON FASHION What role does fashion play in today’s society? – Source: getty-images Talk about fashion in today’s society, with historical notes. Fashion comes from the tendency of man to want to belong to a social group. Through the instinct of aggregation that we share with animals, man, through fashion, characteristics that make … Read more

Back to school: a return to school in a good mood for everyone with this inclusive fashion collection


by Jessica Meurens The fall is fast approaching. If some children are eager to find their friends and girlfriends, others dread this moment. Kiabi, the low-cost fashion brand, wants to send everyone to school in a good mood. Thus, they offer new collections for children, with or without disabilities. Kiabi’s ambition is for all children … Read more

These are the series that are in fashion on Netflix Ecuador this day


breaking bad, game of Thrones, Squid Game Y euphoria are some of the titles that are part of the golden age of tv series of the new millennium, which have been characterized by being promoted through various platforms in the war for streaming. Whether because of the quality of the scripts, the production, the actors … Read more

Nikolas Tesla, a genius who went from oblivion to fashion


In the year 1884, a 28-year-old man named Nikolas Tesla (1856-1943) arrived in New York from Paris, consolidating himself through his inventions and generosity as a great humanist who contributed to the development of civilization. . This mortal and enigmatic genius of electrical wisdom was born in Croatia within the Austro-Hungarian Empire; standing out as … Read more

These men went against the dictates of fashion and brilliantly wore dresses, skirts and kilts

In 2022, do men have the right to dress as they want? Dresses, skirts or even kilts, some celebrities are trying to break the dictates of codes related to men’s fashion. Credit: Gety Images/ East News/ Kevan Brooks, SIPA, East News See also They are famous singers, actors, presenters or fashion designers and they do … Read more