Nélida Fernández: a referent of Juninense Nursing

The graduate María Nélida Fernández is an institution within the Juninense Nursing. She currently works at the Clinic “La Pequeña Familia” but she has a wide and vast curriculum not only as a nurse, but also as a teacher.In any of his roles, “teamwork to provide a comprehensive response to the patient, the family and … Read more

Óscar Fernández León, new dean of the Seville Bar Association

There have been no surprises. Óscar Cisneros already has a substitute. Oscar Fernandez Leon will be the new dean of the Seville Bar Association after having overwhelmingly won Rosalía Pascua, Daniel Sánchez and Carlos Palomar in the elections this Thursday. After half past ten at night, the first provisional result of the elections to elect … Read more

12 years in containers: authorities report that Conaf ceded land for Juan Fernández school


The Ministers of Education and National Assets confirmed in the Chamber of Deputies that Conaf ceded the land for the construction of the long-awaited definitive school of Juan Fernández. Therefore, now the transfer remains to leave behind the container classrooms. Let us remember that this infrastructure was installed as a temporary solution after the 2010 … Read more

Carlos Herrera, Joaquín Fernández, José Guirao and La Desértica, Medals of the Province of Almería


The The Provincial Council of Almería will commemorate the ‘Day of the Province’, on November 13 in the municipality of Los Gallardos, with a solemn and emotional act in which he will award his highest distinction, the Medals of the Province of 2022, to those people, institutions or entities that contribute with their work, talent … Read more

Karla Tarazona admits that Rafael Fernández paid for her children’s school: “I thought it was in good faith”


Karla Tarazona responds to Rafael Fernández on his program ‘D’Mañana’ The presenter of the programD’Tomorrow’, Karla Tarazona, headed to Rafael Fernandez, to answer him loud and clear, since the businessman assured that she was not grateful for everything he gave her, as he pointed out on October 11 in the program of ‘Magaly TV: The … Read more

“School piquetera” and “el uncle facho”: the crosses between Ofelia Fernández and Feinmann


From the beginning of Ophelia Fernandez in politics with the taking of the Carlos Pellegrini school In 2017 to the present, the Buenos Aires legislator repeatedly confronted the journalist Edward Feinman. However, over the years, they managed to forge a kind of “honey” relationship. Feinman always questioned the takings of the schools of the City … Read more

Soledad Acuña replied to Ofelia Fernández: “I feel very sorry”


The Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, Soledad Acunaresponded this Friday, September 30, to the Buenos Aires legislator Ophelia Fernandez, who had questioned her in the middle of the school seizures. “It makes me very sad, he proposes things for the rostrum“said the official. “Ofelia is a very young girl who took … Read more

Taking of CABA schools: Aníbal Fernández questioned the sending of the Police to the students’ house


After four days of taking over schools in the City of Buenos Aires, the Minister of Security of the Nation, Hannibal Fernandezpointed against the decision of the Buenos Aires Government to send the police to the home of students who participated in the occupation of educational centers and concluded: “I wouldn’t let that happen“. The … Read more

Why Vicente Fernández did not finish school


“The king, Vicente Fernandez” is a musical biographical series that tells the official story of the greatest legend of ranchera music. In the wake of this productionavailable from September 14, 2022 on Netflix, the life of the “Charro from Huentitan” has become relevant, so many want to know intimate details of his life before becoming … Read more