Today the press conference for the presentation of the Memorandum of Understanding on the prevention and fight against the phenomena of bullying and cyberbullying

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Welfare Department of the Puglia Region and the Puglia Regional School Office was presented this morning on the subject of preventing and combating the phenomena of bullying and cyberbullying. The protocol, approved with the Regional Council Resolution of August 9, will lead in the next few days to the … Read more

Come back and play: the scandalous fight between students from a Cali school that was recorded on video

Fights between students have become common in Cali schools. So far this year there have been several disputed blows both outside and inside educational institutions. The most recent incident occurred in the last hours in the east of the city. The fight would have been carried out by students from two different schools. The first … Read more

Bullying, the appeal to young people: “Courage, head and heart to fight the violent”


«Synergies against the bullying“. This was discussed yesterday morning at the Telese Terme sports hall. A moment of confrontation, promoted by the “Olimpic center Judo” of maestro Salvatore Di Paola, which had the merit of involving all the schools in the area, of every order and degree, the institutions, led by the mayor Giovanni Caporaso, … Read more

More nutritionists to fight the war against the childhood obesity epidemic


War on childhood obesity. Four out of ten boys and girls and three out of ten adolescents in Spain are overweight. It is in households with very low income levels, where children are twice as likely to suffer from it. It is a “state matter”, according to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in … Read more

DIRECT. Back to parliament: the war in Ukraine is “a fight for our values”, says Elisabeth Borne before the National Assembly


Find here all of our live #POLITICS 4:58 p.m. : The Prime Minister’s speech is now over, but the debates continue in the hemicycle. We will continue to tell you about it in our live. 4:37 p.m. : “This conflict shows once again the importance of multilateralism: we are strong when we move forward together.” … Read more

Télématin: fight, big clash … Nathalie Rihouet swings behind the scenes of the show!


For several years, Nathalie Rihouet presented the weather report for the morning show Télématin. But during her long years on the show, she was able to witness worries, disputes and of a lot of tension. So she was able to tell the story of his very many memories as a member of the Télématin team. … Read more

The fight against school dropout, a major axis of the prevention of juvenile delinquency for the Senate


Published on September 27, 2022by Frédéric Fortin / MCM Press for Localtis Youth, education and training, Security In a report devoted to the prevention of juvenile delinquency, the Senate deplores the persistent ignorance of the phenomenon, which makes it all the more difficult to construct an effective public policy, which furthermore still suffers downstream from … Read more

Lot: an agreement to fight against school violence


the essential This Tuesday, during the back-to-school meeting of heads of establishments organized at the Olivier de Magny college, an agreement was signed to combat violence in schools. The prosecutor, Alexandre Rossi, and the prefect of Lot, Mireille Larrède, were involved. “Violence has no place in the school environment”, asserts Mireille Larrède, prefect of the … Read more

Navarra joins the State Alliance for the fight against inequalities and child poverty


The president of Navarra, María Chivite, signed this Friday a agreement with the High Commissioner for Fight Against Child PovertyErnesto Gasco, by which the Foral Community joins the state alliance to fight against inequalities and child poverty. The signing of the agreement was also attended by the delegate of the Government in Navarra, José Luis … Read more