Abortion in France: schools must respect the law and do prevention, according to president of the Women’s Health Fund

Israel Nisand considers that the argument of “lack of time” put forward by certain schools for not carrying out prevention is not valid. Article written by Posted on 09/27/2022 21:22 Reading time : 2 min. “Less than 15% of students hear about these extremely important subjects for everyday life during their course”, deplore this Tuesday, … Read more

The Aid Decree bis is a Law: among the approved measures, the teacher permanently incentivized and the increase in the Institute Fund

As we have already communicated, the cd. Aid decree bis (decree-law 9 August 2022, n.115) became Law 21 September 2022, n. 142 and enters into force today, 22 September, after the publication in the Official Gazette. The rule that mainly affects schools, and which has been much debated in recent months, concerns the “expert teacher”, … Read more

Rafael Fernández will pay for the schools of Karla Tarazona’s children and will give them “a fund” of money


Businessman said that he will pay for the schools of Karla Tarazona’s children for five years (Magaly TV La Firme) Faced with the breakdown of a marriage, those who suffer the most are the children, that is why the still husband of Karla Tarazona indicated that he will try to resolve the “adult” issues in … Read more

Staff of the Executive 2023, “let’s give him 30% of the resources” of the institute fund and advance salary increases. The Ancodis proposal

As you advance in your career, experience is gained and professional skills multiply. In this multiplication of opportunities, many teachers, over time, with enormous sacrifices, absolutely unpaid due to the constant commitment and the time actually dedicated, have assumed various roles functional to the best effectiveness of management in the school context. Management roles often … Read more

Pension, Fondo Espero: useful explanations for the staff. What is it, who can join, how the fund works

We provide useful clarifications on the Espero Fund, which is often little known to school staff. Let’s see what it is, how to join it and what advantages this instrument of supplementary integration of the compulsory pension offers in order to be able to take advantage of an acceptable annuity in the years of old … Read more

Fund for minute expenses: clarifications for DSGA and school staff

Let’s take stock of an important issue, the fund for petty expenses, which represents a useful tool to allow schools to cope with small, often unforeseen, necessary purchases, clarifying the responsibilities of the Director of general and administrative services, spending procedures and the purchases granted. The reference standard. The economic fund for petty expenses finds … Read more