SIMI 2022 – Unveiling of the model of the future eco

Unveiling of the model of the future eco-campus of Isart Digital which will be at the heart of the Nice Méridia technology park. This Tuesday, December 6, on the stand of the EPA Nice Ecovallée and the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, at SIMI, Xavier Rousselle, CEO of Isart Digital unveiled with Christian Estrosi, Mayor of … Read more

“An incredible site that catches the eye of future students”: the booming School of Art and Design in Toulon

“Our new building creates attractiveness, it’s undeniable”notes, with a big smile, Jean-Marc Avrilla, the director of the School of Art and Design (Esad TPM). Established in the Chalucet district since September 2020, the establishment has clearly gained in quality in terms of working conditions compared to its former premises near the Zénith. In quality, but … Read more

The future of education passes through digital skills: teachers and school administrators will be the protagonists at Sedici Modi di Dire Ciao


The adoption of digital learning it requires a change of perspective, a completely different mindset, which in many cases has been lacking. Digital is not an alternative tool or simply an accessory, but it can play a major role compared to traditional training. If used well, it stimulates greater interaction with students and facilitates learning … Read more

Sees. A charity sale to finance the future site of the female traditionalist school


Acquired in March 2022, the former Garden Hotel, in Sees (Orne), begins its moult. The premises of this building of more than 2,000 m2 should welcome in a few years the students of the Institut Sainte-Anne, a traditionalist school for women. “We started the work with a complete restoration of the roof, which was a … Read more

School, the future of children deserves the best: at Don Bosco in Alassio subsidized tuition, a world of services and excellent training


To get to know a person well we must never dwell on appearances, but must always climb over the wall of prejudices that we ourselves – sometimes “by hearsay”, other times by pure suggestion – build. Things are no different even when a parent finds himself having to choose the school that will become a … Read more

Interview with Francesca Galdiero, future actress and model


The editorial staff of VentoNuovo is pleased to interview Francesca Galdiero, a young and promising model, actress, dancer, multifaceted and ambitious artist. Hi Francesca, when and where did you start showing?“Hi, I started in September last year for the first time in San Leucio for a concert. I paraded in a castle, wearing ceremonial and … Read more

A sustainable future, yes. Let’s start with education


Society as we know it is not sustainable, business, the public agenda and the way we live must be transformed so that we can have a future. And education is one of the fundamental levers on the road to sustainability Marta Martín* Tw: @martamartin_n / MUxED The pandemic reset the world. The change had been … Read more

“Everyone progresses at their own pace”: the JDD visited the school of the future in Marseille


Here, students work on graphics standing in front of desks at their height. Elsewhere, they ride bicycles under the benevolent eye of their mistress; or learn to grow vegetables with their parents. The school of the future, which Emmanuel Macron called for in September 2021, varies according to desires. The idea of ​​this experiment actually … Read more

Schools in danger / We secure the future of children


From North to South of this fragile country, there are no regions and communities that do not have stories of environmental disasters to tell their children and to consign to history. The list is now very long and only cold statistics can certify, without letting emotion and anger take over, if these events are really … Read more