Open Days at the Giovanni da San Giovanni High Schools: here are the characteristics of the four high school addresses and the multiple curvatures

The Open Days at the Giovanni da San Giovanni high schools have begun: an opportunity to get to know the school in all its complexity and be able to orient yourself among the addresses and curvatures it offers. In addition to the days dedicated to presentations, in December it will be possible to take part … Read more

The Sicily to come, guest Giovanni Musumeci (UGL): “There is a shortage of personnel in the Municipality of Catania”

Early school leaving, recruitment to the Municipality of Catania, regulations for rest homes and communication assistants, deadlines for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for the Etna city, the Special Economic Zones. These are some of the gods topics addressedlast night, with Giovanni Musumeci of UGL guest of the program “The Sicily that will come” … Read more

GIOVANNI FLORIS, WHO IS IT? / “Journalist since childhood, I wrote about footballs and buses”


Giovanni Florisguest of With us free-wheeling, after presenting his gripping novel entitled “The Game”, he also talked about his brilliant career, which began many years ago. “I have dreamed of becoming a journalist since I was a child. In elementary school I had fun with comics, then in middle school I started writing the first … Read more

All aboard: presented the wild comedy with Stefano Fresi, Giovanni Storti and Carlo Buccirosso


Luca Miniero’s new film is called Tutti aboard and tells of two very adventurous journeys. Next to 7 child actors we find the irresistible Stefano Fresi, Giovanni Storti and Carlo Buccirosso. The play was presented today in Rome. Children’s films as well as films starring children, Everyone on board is the new comedy of Luca … Read more

Motta San Giovanni, the wishes of the councilor Sonia Malara for the new school year


“The beginning of the school year is always a concentration of projects, programs, hopes, expectations, anxieties and fears. Our community is called to clothe itself with a very necessary adjective or “educating community” where the educational institution, administration and territory work synergistically with exchanges of relationships and intentionality in the training and growth path of … Read more

Villa San Giovanni, “Don Milani” elementary school vandalized


Reads in: 2 minutes the fact The denunciation of the municipal administration: “New premises smeared by the now” usual suspects “disrespectful of the common good” Published on: 08/30/2022 – 5:46 pm VILLA SAN GIOVANNI “What we found yesterday at the entrance to the Don Milani elementary school in Pezzo must make us reflect, because it … Read more

Pascoli’s symbolism: what it is and who it is Giovanni Pascoli |


THE PASCULIAN SYMBOLISM The symbolism of Giovanni Pascoli – Source: handle Giovanni Pascoli he thought that reality always masked a secret essence that could not be revealed with scientific systems. For this he had a relationship with life and the turbulent and anxious world, characterized by the continuous search for mystery: Pastures was defined one … Read more

Don Giovanni Bosco: summary of life |


DON GIOVANNI BOSCO Don Giovanni Bosco is known above all as an educator – Source: getty-images Giovanni Bosco was born on the sixteenth of August 1815 in Murialdo. At the age of ten he dedicated himself to helping his companions, and at the age of fourteen the aspiration to the educational and priestly vocation was … Read more

Toto trace to state exams? Giovanni Verga will be released


According to a survey by, which involved about 3 thousand students, then pole position would be the war in Ukraine and the mafia massacres for the current affairs topic, while for the track dedicated to literature, the dispute would be between Verga, Pirandello, Pascoli and Ungaretti. In fact, the absolute favorite in the “19th … Read more

Michelle Hunziker e Giovanni? “C’è chi mette in dubbio che…”


Dopo aver chiuso la storia d’amore e di conseguenza il matrimonio con Tomaso Trussardi, sembra che Michelle Hunziker abbia di nuovo ritrovato l’amore con il medico sardo e ex concorrente del Grande Fratello Giovanni Angiolini. La conduttrice svizzera si è concessa il primo weekend  insieme alla sua nuova fiamma mostrandosi insieme sui social. C’é chi … Read more