Gossip Girl 2, from tonight exclusively on Sky and streaming on NOW

Simultaneously with the USA, the second season of the iconic teen drama. Even more intrigue, more secrets, more scandals: Manhattan’s Upper East Side elite are back. From 2 December, every Friday, on Sky Serie and streaming on NOW. Available on demand Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on entertainment news It will debut exclusively … Read more

Teacher card denied to a precarious girl for 5 years, the Court of Trani assigns him 2,500 euros. Anief: falls within the “recognition of the pre

The substitute teacher must be assigned the “Teacher card” and the relative bonus of 500 euros for each school year in which he worked: if it is a matter of five years of substitute work, then the reimbursement will be equal to 2,500 euros. This was confirmed by the Trani Labor Court examining the appeal … Read more

Riley Keough: meeting the talented little girl of Elvis Presley


In Hollywood, the children of the ball are legion. Sofia Coppola, Drew Barrymore, Dakota Johnson… these personalities with a sexy pedigree, with a glamorous ancestry, are part of the decor, of the legend. But not everyone knows a flamboyant destiny or a dazzling success, quite the contrary. Being the offspring of a celebrity is, more … Read more

A girl from the Saco Oliveros school left the ICU, but her father denounces that the psychological damage to her daughter is very serious


The 12-year-old girl who fell from the fourth floor of the Saco Oliveros school last week of Salamanca, left the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after undergoing a delicate operation lasting about ten hours at the Almenara hospital. The father of the minor maintained that although her daughter is stable, they still do not know the … Read more

From an innocent girl from a nuns’ school to the most hated on TV: the transformation of Laura Acuña


She studied at the most playful school in Bucaramanga where they remember her as a sensitive student, they never thought she would become the diva that arouses love and hate Laura Acuña studied at the playful nuns’ school in Bucaramanga: Nuestra Señora del Pilar Educational Institution, where the students are known as “las pilaricas”. Although … Read more

Chaos at school: two men went to look for their daughter at school and realized that it was the same girl


The unusual scene ended with the minor’s mother being assisted and with the police arresting one of the “parents”. in a school of GeorgiaUnited States, an unusual scene unfolded: two men went looking for the same girl thinking it was their daughter. The situation may seem confusing, but its explanation is very simple: the two … Read more

“American Girl” on Netflix, a drama that cries out the need for MeToo


american girlWhere Luckiest Girl Alive in its original version, comes at just the right time. In October 2022, MeToo celebrates its 5th anniversary. If it takes place in 2015, two years before the revelation of the Weinstein affair and the appearance of the viral hashtag on Twitter, this film eloquently tells the need for this … Read more

TV program October 17, 2022: The substitute, The young girl and the night, The flood and Disorders


The TV and SVOD program for Monday October 17, 2022, what are we watching tonight? : which series should not be missed? Our selection of 4 new and varied appointments + info on daily series with what the day’s episodes have in store for you. Agnes and Nicolas as a couple in TF1’s replacement / … Read more

Ana María Aldón’s response to Ortega Cano’s invitation to “go for the girl”: “It’s too late”


José Ortega Cano’s interview in Ana Rosa’s program This past Monday, October 10, on the return of the presenter to Tele 5 after an absence of eleven months due to breast cancer, she continues to play the dimes and diretes about the separation (or not) of the former right-hander and his wife, Ana Maria Aldon. … Read more