More than 400 activities in Granada for the European Night of Researchers

Almost 400 activities related to knowledge, around 20 stands that will be installed in the Paseo del Salón and more than 500 scientists complete a new edition of The European Night of Researchers to be held in Granada next Friday, September 30. The mayor, Francisco Cuenca, who presented the program this morning at City Hall, … Read more

The institutions celebrate together with the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén their patron

ALMERIA, Sep. 23 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Provincial Council of Almería has participated in the institutional events held by the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén on the occasion of the Day of its Patron Saint, San Cayetano. The province will host these events again after five years, after touring the other … Read more

Almost 400 activities will star in the European Night of Researchers in Granada


magazine | 23 September, 2022 – 14:08 | Editorial aG The participation of more than 15,000 people is expected in the activities scheduled for the 30th The appointment has been presented this Friday in the courtyard of the City Hall. Photo: Javier Algarra (Granada City Council) Almost 400 activities related to knowledge, about twenty stands … Read more

Luis Granada Mejía School, 44 years old


Author : Fernando Elias Acosta Gonzales The Luis Granada Mejía educational institution has laid the foundations so that training in values ​​and principles somewhat mitigates the shortcomings that are becoming evident in homes and families in these aspects. This educational institution, located in the Barragán sector, jurisdiction of the municipality of Pijao, continues to consolidate … Read more

Joaquín Perales revalidates his position as head of the Circulation and Insurance Group of the Granada Bar Association


Traffic and Insurance Group of the Granada Bar Association The Specialized Group of Circulation and Insurance of the Granada Bar Association has renewed its Board of Directors, after completing the mandate, resulting in the election of the candidacy headed by Joaquín Perales Puertas, without having to hold the elections as it was the only list … Read more

A Granada school denounces that the Board is looking for the cheapest menu for the dining room service


The AMPA of the CEIP Gómez Moreno has announced new mobilizations starting in September if the Junta de Andalucía does not change its intention to award the school canteen service to the company that lowers the price of the menu the most, “which would make management models like that of the Granada school, a benchmark … Read more

The Granada Bar Association asks to equalize the economic compensation of the Official Shift to the national average


The Granada Bar Association has demanded an increase in the remuneration of the Public Shift that equals the investment figures per client in Andalusia, located at 5.05 euros, to those of the national average, estimated at six euros, to improve the “unfortunate” conditions of the work of these professionals and to adjust to the real … Read more

They rescue ‘La Tribuna Forense’, the first magazine of the Granada Bar Association


GRANADA, June 29 (EUROPA PRESS) – The dean emeritus of Granada’s Legal Profession, José María Rosales, has presented his new book, a research work on ‘La Tribuna Forense’, the oldest and hitherto unknown publication of this professional corporation As reported by the Granada Bar Association in a press release this Wednesday, on November 10, 1900, … Read more

The Granada Festival for the first time in the courtyard of the Colegio Mayor Santa Cruz la Real

Among the significant events in the programming of the Festival of 2022, there is having carried until the Santa Cruz la Real College one of his sessions. As we have written in the publication that COPE dedicated for more than two decades to this unique event of European culture, this scenario had only been chosen … Read more

The College of Physicians of Granada honors the physicians with the most years of profession


College of doctors. / ideal It also names Serafín Romero and Salvador Galán as honorary collegiate IDEAL Sunday, June 26, 2022, 11:06 The president of the College of Physicians of Granada, Jorge Fernández, highlighted the work of health professionals during the pandemic in the act of brotherhood that the group celebrates every year and in … Read more