We explain to you why in the 3 schools of Francheville, the canteens close in turn until the All Saints holidays

For lack of staff and facilitators, the extracurricular services and canteens of the three school groups in the town of Francheville, near Lyon, will close in turn until the school holidays. A question of “child safety” according to the early childhood assistant, a headache for parents. Recruitment problems, absences linked to Covid or “professional overheating”… … Read more

All the dates and holidays of the Catalan school calendar 22/23

Catalonia will begin the 2022-2023 school year before the Diada: on September 5 for infant and primary and on September 7, for ESO, Baccalaureate and FP, as published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC). Intermediate and advanced training cycles in plastic arts and design, performing arts, special artistic education, professional degrees … Read more

Absences for serious illnesses: clarifications on salary reductions and use of unused holidays


Absences due to serious illnesses are subject to the wage reduction pursuant to art. 71 of Legislative Decree no. 112/2008 converted into Law 133/2008? In case of absence due to serious illness, when will it be possible for ATA staff to take advantage of the holidays accrued and not taken during this period? These two … Read more

Children and screens: here’s how to manage the transition between holidays and back to school


Who says end of the holidays says back to school, which again induces a change in the rhythm of daily life. Children, adolescents and parents are now forced to abandon the habits accumulated during the summer, in particular overeating, going to bed late and high exposure to screens, in favor of those implied by the … Read more

Holidays for school staff, some special cases according to ARAN


ARAN, the Agency for Negotiating Representation in Public Administrations, has responded to numerous requests for clarification concerning the use of holidays by the school staff. The most recent application guidelines are reported below. Permanent staff leave Do the six days of vacation taken by the school employee with an open-ended employment contract during the periods … Read more

School holidays: here is the only zone that is favored by the 2022


School holidays are over! The start of the school year rang since September 1, 2022. The school calendar was of course published, several months ago. This is the time for parents to know the periods of leave. It should be clarified from the outset that these dates differ depending on the area where your child … Read more

What are so many weeks of school holidays for?


They never seem to arrive. The children await them with great enthusiasm; they end the academic year visibly exhausted, intellectually tired and above all anxious in anticipation. What are we talking about? Indeed, from the summer school holidays. Summer days In Europe, each country has a different number of school vacation days in the Primary … Read more

School holidays 2022: dates of the next ones, calendar 2022


SCHOOL VACATION. The start of the school year took place this Thursday, September 1, 2022. All Saints’ Day, Christmas… When are the next holidays? Consult, download and print the official calendar of school holidays 2022-2023 by zone A, B and C with public holidays! Summary [Mis à jour le 3 septembre 2022 à 13h22] As … Read more

Back to School. Numbers in classes, dates of holidays, school transport that gets stuck, immersive teaching of Breton, what we know about the start of the new school year in Brittany


The start of the 2022 school year takes place this Monday, September 1. In Brittany, the number of students continues to decline, school transport is in difficulty due to the shortage of drivers, immersive Breton teaching accepted by the Ministry of Education: our overview of the start of the 2022-2023 school year . This September … Read more

At the Lotérot farm in Cahagnes, accessible holidays made for learning


By Nathan Blouin Published on 3 Sep 22 at 8:00 The Voice of the Bocage See my news Follow this media It was a workshop day on emotions for children at the Lotérot farm in Cahagnes (Calvados), Thursday August 25, 2022, with Floriane Gilles, aromatologist. ©The Voice the Bocage A ping-pong table, a group workshop, … Read more