Increase in class hours in schools will be to teach English

The measure of the schools is to solve competition debts in students that were caused by the pandemic The increase in class hours in the private schoolswhich will go from 25 to 30 each week, will help students, mainly in kindergarten and basic education, receive English classes, which will allow them to reach high school … Read more

Last day with early departure before the holidays: Manager arranges for teachers to change the service hours in the last few hours or in the afternoon. How to behave

The days of 22 and 23 December 2022 represent the last dates before the start of the Christmas holidays for educational institutions. Generally the departure is brought forward to mid-morning so that the teachers on duty in the last few hours or even in the afternoon are asked to bring forward their service hours. Can … Read more

Como, a good news: for children with disabilities, the Municipality opens the laboratories after school hours


An experimental initiative but at least on paper of great help to children with disabilities between 6 and 12 years old and, of course, also to their families. This is the project of the Municipality of Como which launches a series of specialist laboratories dedicated to children with medium/severe disabilities (but after an initial phase … Read more

Public education teachers with children with serious illnesses: “They systematically deny us a reduction in working hours”


Luna, Unai, Natalia, Leire and Dylan don’t know each other, but they share several things: they sleep poorly, have a serious illness and at least one of their parents is a public school teacher. Also, that their families are sad, angry, tired and anguished. They have been requesting a 50% reduction in working hours and … Read more

“He was terrified of leaving school.” Professor Paty’s Last Hours

Concluded the investigation into the teacher beheaded two years ago. Until now, there had been thoughts of an unannounced attack. We now find out that he felt “deep concern” in the days leading up to his assassination. But there was no solidarity from colleagues and no protective measures were taken He covered himself with the … Read more

Orange alert again, severe bad weather expected in the next few hours


Strong winds, thunderstorms and showers. Come back the orange alert in Sicily scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 29 November. The bad weather that is affecting the island these days intensifies. This can be read in the notice of the regional civil protection number 22332 for meteorological-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk. Expect inconvenience. Adverse weather conditions The note … Read more

“Solidarity Marathon” in Colombia: 56 hours for the most needy


For the second consecutive year, the Archdiocese of Bogotá promotes, through television and social networks, the collection of aid for older adults, itinerants, addicts and young people at risk of dropping out of school The purpose of the Archbishop of Bogotá and president of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, Monsignor José Luis Rueda Aparicio, is … Read more

Covid at school, the positive is close contact within 48 hours of symptoms or swab. With a new case, the 10

If the case attended school in the two days preceding the onset of symptoms or the date of the swab, the whole class goes into self-surveillance for 10 days. This is clarified by a FAQ of the Milan ATS updated on November 3rd. Here is the FAQ How should school contacts be identified and managed? … Read more

The 24 hours that ended with the secret of the death of Juana Canal


The darkest secret that a person can have, the one that Jesús Pradales kept for almost 20 years, ended in 24 hours. After a day of silence first and partial confessions later, on Friday morning and in the presence of his court-appointed lawyer, the definitive account of how he killed his ex-partner Juana Canal. In … Read more