10 December: World Human Rights Day

“All human beings are equal from the moment of birth, with equal rights and equal dignity and in their relationships, they must act in a spirit of brotherhood because they are endowed with reason and conscience”. Thus begins the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the United Nations General Assembly adopted in 1948. The declaration … Read more

Zita Hanrot (Annie Colère): “A woman told me that I was going to “murder a human life”

On the poster of “Annie Colère” by Blandine Lenoir, Zita Hanrot plays Hélène, an activist nurse at the MLAC, and India Haïr embodies Claudine, one of the very first female gynecologists. We met them to tell us about this choral film and the importance of its subject. Annie Angera film about a struggle as important … Read more

Conferences against gender violence and for human rights are announced (+ Photos and Video) • Workers


The National Center for Sexual Education (Cenesex) announced at a press conference on November 23 the objectives and main activities of the Days against gender violence and for human rights, which take place every year between November 25 and November 10. december. This edition has the objective of strengthening the capacities of social actors and … Read more

Children with addictions sleep outdoors in General Mosconi | The lack of devices and human resources for the approach is worrying


His body is full of dust from the earth that probably comes from the square where he woke up asleep. The night before he was “consuming”, The inhabitants of the area say that they always see him with a group of between 10 and 15 boys who are no more than 17 years old and … Read more

UDP report on human rights ensures that the measures applied by the State in the face of violence in the Southern Macrozone “do not meet international standards”


This Monday the Diego Portales University will announce its Annual Report on Human Rights in Chile, in which different topics are addressed such as migration, mental health in schoolchildren, issues related to the outbreak, among others. On this occasion, one of the central chapters analyzes the violence registered in the Southern Macrozone of the country … Read more

Arequipa: How does a teacher who battled against the pandemic end up in prison for human trafficking?


From hero to villain. Adrián Félix Arias Huaco is a teacher who led his school to return to face-to-face classes in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, in Condesuyos, Arequipa. His work as director allowed more than 40 students from the rural area to continue their learning in the face of the difficulties they had … Read more

The international lesson on Human Rights at the Cabezón de Pisuerga school


A visit to the Melquíades Hidalgo public school, in Cabezón de Pisuerga, a Valladolid town of just over 3,700 inhabitants, confirms what some of the posters on its walls say: “My school is cool”. The center is decorated by projects carried out by the students, one of its corridors is called “Calle de la Solidaridad”, … Read more

Find the human resources needed to support seniors


[CONTENUE PARTEBAIRE] Personal services are still in high demand. To respond to this, O2 Care Services is based on a mixed model of branches and franchises, allowing an exhaustive network of the territory. Jean-François Auclair, General Manager, tells us about their approach. What personal services does O2 Care Services offer? O2 is the company leader … Read more

Why is personal growth important? How to facilitate the development of human potential with the Care Academy


Knowing how to develop your own human potential and help develop that of others. This ability can make a real difference, both in terms of one’s life path and in terms of professional life. In the specific case of teacher-student relationshipfor example, it is useful to focus on the search for resources and hidden talents … Read more