It is illegal, the “voluntary” quota in Baja California schools

The State Congress approved an exhortation addressed to the secretary of education Gerardo Arturo Solís Benavides to instruct the directors of public primary, secondary and upper secondary schools to refrain from charging mandatory fees under the guise of being voluntary. Deputy Sergio Moctezuma Martínez López, from Morena, warned that school fees in public schools are … Read more

Despite the regulations and the effort of Campo Limpio, the illegal recycling of polluting plastic continues

Despite the regulations and the efforts of the National State and the provincial governments in alliance with the productive sector and the CampoLimpio Association; illegal activities of buying and selling empty containers of phytosanitary products continue. In this context, the environmental control authorities of Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos recently carried out operations in the … Read more

College of Dentists: “Technical closure of public offices favor illegal practice of dentistry in Ciudad Guayana”


@mlclisanchez In Bolívar, as well as in the rest of the country, cases of intrusion or illegal practice of dentistry are frequent. While the State does little to prevent crime, the health of patients is in danger. During the first half of 2022, Mail of the Caroni counted four cases of intrusion and illegal practice … Read more

Teacher transferred due to environmental incompatibility following a report by a colleague for retaliation. Is the action of the whistleblower illegal? Here’s what ANAC

In the case in question, with resolution 564, of July 2020, ANAC deals with an event in which the issue of an alleged fact having a retaliatory and / or discriminatory character is addressed in relation to the declared environmental incompatibility of a teacher and the consequent transfer disposed towards him following the reports made … Read more