The Aid Decree bis is a Law: among the approved measures, the teacher permanently incentivized and the increase in the Institute Fund

As we have already communicated, the cd. Aid decree bis (decree-law 9 August 2022, n.115) became Law 21 September 2022, n. 142 and enters into force today, 22 September, after the publication in the Official Gazette. The rule that mainly affects schools, and which has been much debated in recent months, concerns the “expert teacher”, … Read more

Experienced teacher? No, steadily incentivized: the latest government proposal to approve the career of teachers TEXT

The text of the bis aid decree in the Senate chamber is expected in the late morning, at 12 noon. The decree also contains the rule that regulates the expert teacher, one of the knots to be solved that led to the postponement of the approval. On the evening of 12 September, the last proposal … Read more

DL Aid came into force, the summary on the expert teacher and incentivized training

The DL Aid bis which specifies further provisions for the school has been in force since last 10 August. The measures bring novelties with respect to the DL 36, converted into law 79/2022 hinting at the appearance of a career differentiated by meriton the basis of a series of 3 three-year training courses that justify … Read more

Aid decree bis, from the 200 euro bonus to incentivized training up to the expert teacher. What changes for education

The Aid Decree bis published in the Official Gazette after the signature of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. Here is a summary sheet of the measures affecting the education sector, as reported by the Flc Cgil. DECREE IN THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL Partial exemption of social security contributions paid by employees Established for the … Read more

Compulsory and incentivized training, fully operational from 2023


What will the teacher training when all implementing decrees accompanying the school reform (introduced by decree 36 converted into law 79/2022) will they go through? We remind you that the reform, according to the timing related to the Pnrrprovides that they are formed a million people (between teachers, Ata and managers) by 2025. But let’s … Read more

Compulsory and incentivized training: what is it and how does it work? VIDEO GUIDE


Arrived in official gazette there Law 79/2022 of conversion of Legislative Decree 36 on the recruitment and training of teachers. What are the main novelties of the law in terms of in-service teacher training? How they will work compulsory and incentivized training? Teacher training For the in-service trainingthe establishment of the Higher education school, under … Read more

Career (failure) and incentivized training, the Draghi Government goes straight


“The salary progression of seniority remains unchanged“. And then: “In order to increase access to the aforementioned training courses, a one-off remuneration element of an ancillary nature is envisaged for permanent teachers of all levels and levels of the school system.“. An occasional prize that will be paid for the first time in 2026 to … Read more