Axes on Citizenship Income, in Campania three out of four beneficiaries are at risk

A very large group of recipients of the Basic income the benefit is starting to lose from September 2023. Campania has been in first place in the ranking of subsidy recipients since the institution of the measure in the spring of three years ago. The same goes for Naples which, since May 2019, has been … Read more

“We want all Colombians to declare their income before the Dian”

Throughout its 235 pages, the bases of the National Development Plan announced this week by the director of the National Planning Department (DNP)Jorge Iván González, give an account of the short, medium and long-term goals that the government of Gustavo Petro has for the next four years. (Also read: Goods and services would no longer … Read more

The Pedibus is back in Spoltore, the recipients of the basic income are involved


SPOLTORE – The Pedibus of Spoltore starts again: after the long stop of the pandemic period, the municipal administration has decided to restore the alternative and sustainable service to accompany the children to school. A novelty is that from this year citizens’ income recipients will also be involved for surveillance and accompaniment. The activation involves … Read more

Budget Law, dark times for school: at least 15 billion for bills, then Superbonus and Citizenship Income

The Budget Law will allocate at least 15 billion euros to the energy dossier. It is learned from government sources, on the eve of the Council of Ministers on the update of the Nadef. The government meeting, which has not yet been officially convened, is scheduled for late afternoon. There is also an “extraordinary maintenance” … Read more

New Piura authorities must eradicate economies that base their income on trafficking, says Promsex


The Promsex organization pointed out that the next regional governor and the new provincial and district mayors, elected during the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections, must guarantee the eradication of the economies that base their income on the crime of human trafficking in Piura. It should be noted that, according to the organization, unlike other … Read more

Piero Chiambretti asks to cut the allowance for his daughter: income drops, how much he earns now


The conductor Piero Chiambretti quoted the former partner: he earns half and now asks that the maintenance allowance for his daughter be reviewed By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 06-19-2022 15:33 Back in court: Piero Chiambretti would have quoted Federica Laviosamother of his daughter aged 11, to ask for the maintenance allowance due to the child … Read more