The 150 years of Colegio Lima San Carlos: the educational institution that trained José Santos Chocano

Thanks to the initiative of a group of parents, 150 years ago the Institute of Lima was born, today Colegio Lima San Carlos. This institution, which opened its doors in 1872, laid the foundations for a new educational technique in Peru. Before its founding, education was given in shelters, friar convent gates, municipal houses and … Read more

Puggelli closes his mandate as president of the Province: “Proud to have helped the institution to return central to the public debate” | Meadow TV

Penultimate day as president of the Province of Prato for Francesco Puggelli who will end his four-year term tomorrow. Here is the balance sheet for the mandate at Palazzo Banci Buonamici. “I am leaving this position satisfied with what I have achieved in the four years as president and aware that I have given the … Read more

Madrid Bar Association: An institution with poor representation


On December 20, 2022, the new dean and members of the Governing Board of the Madrid Bar Association will be elected, for which seven candidates compete, including 3 women, for the highest responsibility. Elections have traditionally been characterized by a high rate of abstention, which means a lack of legitimacy of those elected, coupled with … Read more

Lawyer of the Saco Oliveros school about bullying in the institution: “We haven’t found out”


Unusual defense of the Saco Oliveros school lawyer after a student fell due to bullying. (ATVs) The news of a girl who fell from the fourth floor of her school has moved thousands of citizens, but the same does not seem to have happened with the representatives of the Oliveros sack of Salamanca, institution where … Read more

Five steps to protect an educational institution from cyberattacks


ESET, a leading proactive threat detection company, explains what educational institutions, too often easy prey for cybercriminals, can do to improve their security and stay safe from cyber threats. Although the digital age had been transforming many schools to the point of becoming part of their routines, the pandemic accelerated this process. From one week … Read more

Is the school oppressive? The author Yuna Visentin deconstructs the egalitarian image of the school institution


Meeting with Yuna Visentin, author of the book “Another school is possible! », a rich and invigorating work that confronts the school institution with its flaws and contradictions. Associate professor of letters, normal student, mother, it is from all the components of her identity that Yuna Visentin wanted to write Another school is possible!published by … Read more

Teacher’s day, Maraini: “In a school that does not function as an institution, teachers do a heroic job”


It’s time to say thank you to … is the theme of world teachers day 2022 signed The School Techniquewhich celebrates teachers with a social event full of guests. Among those present the writer, poet, essayist Dacia Marainimore than one honoris causa degree, Campiello award for The long life of Marianna Ucrìa, Witch award for … Read more

School and savings, the principal Monichini of the IISST of Orvieto: “To us, the formation of citizens, the saving is done by the institution”


Expensive bills: savings, yes, but not on schools. This is the line of thought of Professor Lorella Monichini, director of the Institute of Higher Scientific and Technical Education of Orvieto who, in addition to being involved in the celebrations for the 50th birthday of the “Majorana” Scientific High School she leads, is , like all … Read more