Safe Schools: protocol signed to prevent and combat drug dealing near institutions

Bondeno. Protect young people, discourage illicit behavior and promote contexts of legality and attention to health, especially by combating the use and trafficking of drugs. All this near the Bondeno schools. This, in short, is the objective of the “Safe Schools” project, signed by means of a memorandum of understanding between the Local Police of … Read more

Sos school: more than half of the staff is missing in the Reatino area. Many institutions risk not opening

RIETI – The serious shortage of staff, especially school collaborators, is putting a strain on the functionality of schools. The alarm is raised by the provincial secretary of Snals, Luciano Isceri, who returns to the topic of Ata staff, who among school collaborators and secretarial staff saw 27 thousand empty seats in Italy after retirement … Read more

The institutions celebrate together with the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén their patron


ALMERIA, Sep. 23 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Provincial Council of Almería has participated in the institutional events held by the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén on the occasion of the Day of its Patron Saint, San Cayetano. The province will host these events again after five years, after touring the other … Read more

Bianchi: woe to leave autonomous schools alone. Many institutions in the South are in danger of becoming second


The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi Focus on school autonomy, but without ever isolating the institutions that instead must always be open to comparison and mutual improvement: the message comes from Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchiduring the National Festival of Civil Economy that for three days he faced a Florence issues on active employment policies, … Read more

The essential financial endowment of educational institutions

59 of 15 March 1997, art.21 introduced the autonomy of educational institutions, as entities with legal personality under public law capable of planning and implementing the education service.Article 21, paragraph 5, in order to give a concrete meaning to school autonomy, recognizes school institutions an essential financial endowment, provided by the State, in order to … Read more

The 25th anniversary of Conlon Nancarrow’s death goes unnoticed by the institutions


This August 10 marks the 25th anniversary of the death of the composer Conlon Nancarrow (1912-1997), considered one of the great innovators and revolutionaries of the musical art of the 20th century, among others, by his colleague Györgi Ligetti. However, the event has gone unnoticed by the cultural institutions of Mexico, a country from which … Read more

Violent movida. Bishop Lagnese’s appeal to the institutions


-No violent nightlife, no educational void, no uncontrolled gambling, no net gambling addiction, even if legal, which makes one million euros a day spend in the Diocese of Caserta alone, although Terra di Lavoro is one of the poorest provinces of Italy. These are some of the themes on which the Bishop of Caserta, Monsignor … Read more

The new Municipal Library is born in Casalnuovo, thanks to the successful synergy between cultural operators and institutions


It will be held on Thursday 28 July, at 10.30 am, at the “Raffaele Ariano” Auditorium in via San Francesco – “G. Mandes “in Casalnuovo Monterotaro, in the Province of Foggia, the press conference for the presentation of the Municipal Community Library of Casalnuovo Monterotaro, a project funded under the” Por puglia 2014/2020 “, which … Read more

La Nación / Several educational institutions in Asunción and Central will be available tomorrow for vaccination

A few weeks ago the immunization campaign “I get vaccinated in my classroom” began, a coordinated effort between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC), which is carried out in educational institutions so that the higher number of vaccinated in the school population. Below we inform you which are the … Read more