Education, Health, Industry and Social Development signed an agreement to strengthen the initial level and enable internships

The act took place in the Green Room of the Government House, where the Minister of Education, Práxedes López, signed this Agreement with his peers from Social Development, Adán Gaya; of Health, Ricardo Cardozo; and of Industry, Mariel Gabur. Through the aforementioned agreement, the central commitment is to favor the construction of significant learning at … Read more

Internships in Buenos Aires schools: Wash dishes, serve coffee and prepare sandwiches | Rejection of the students to the ACAP created by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education

High school students who attend a supposed bilingual work activity and end up washing dishes in a hotel, students who they serve coffeeothers that they prepare sandwiches in refrigerators or offices. These are just some of the allegations of irregularities in the Activities of Approach to the world of work (ACAP) that Page 12 gathered … Read more

Open to the city, the School of Arts and Design is strengthening its offer of internships and public courses


A… An eclectic proposal “This is one of the fundamental missions of artistic schools”, recalls Jean-François Dumont, the director of the structure, about these sessions open to all, and long nicknamed “evening classes”. “This openness to the outside public is really part of our establishment objectives”, continues the director who intends to promote “amateur practices”. … Read more