Cardinals focus on kids plan to grow followers in Mexico says Cantu

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Mexico, Nov 20 (EFE).- Rolando Cantú, former player and current international business manager of the Cardinals, stated this Sunday that his team’s main objective is to penetrate the taste of Mexican children to increase their followers in the country. “The main objective in which we apply ourselves since the NFL announced its internationalization plan is … Read more

Super Bowl LVI. Eric Weddle went from coaching kids to winning the NFL

Super Bowl LVI Eric Weddle went from coaching kids to

The stories that left the triumph in the Super Bowl of Los Angeles Rams focused on the possible retirement of Aaron Donald, the consummation of matthew stafford after 12 previous years without winning in the Playoffs or the birth of the son of van jefferson in full party, but few talk about the extraordinary case … Read more

Chervo you to triumph with the kids

The game began with the two teams betting on the outside shot, although at times abusing the resource. The zonal marking of the stripes complicated the associative game and the penetrations by Sayago, who in turn saw how Danubio grabbed the rebounds and ran the court. Seeing that the shots of three were no longer … Read more

The kids from Cerro

The kids from Cerro

From the beginning, those from Cerro showed themselves with more energy. Thus, they took advantage of the transitions to take their rival by surprise. With Aguilera as the main standard-bearer placing the six goals of his team, which served to take four of income. On the other side, the aurinegro was not precise. The clearest … Read more

Chapman and the rest of the Yankees are like ‘kids with new toys’ for new reinforcements

Chapman and the rest of the Yankees are like kids

For the entire campus of Yankees, the arrival of their two big reinforcements looking forward to the last two months of the 2021 season of MLB, has not gone unnoticed in the group. Most players feel practically like children with new toys after the arrival of Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo. “It is very good … Read more

The kids on the road

The kids on the road

The start was favorable to Sayago’s team, who with a great defensive tone allowed him to flow in attack with a distributed goal. Before planted defense, it was important Riauka who generated in the painting and when they adjusted with him, the perimeter appeared to get the first differences. The azulgrana was not comfortable. The … Read more

Basketball team: Being treated like kids is unfair, we ask for respect

Basketball team Being treated like kids is unfair we ask

Digital Seven Page Given the lack of conditions to face the qualifying rounds for the Basketball World Cup, the Bolivian basketball team spoke at a press conference this Monday to demand “respect” from the members of the senior team in that discipline. “We are not talking about 15 or 17 year olds, but 25 to … Read more