“Enough with Friulian at school, the language of identity is Italian”: storm on the Trieste senator Menia

A stone in the pigeon loft. Is this the effect of bill presented by Senator from Triestebut elected Liguria, Robert Menia, Undersecretary for the Environment of Fratelli d’Italia. What did Menia do? He presented a bill in which requests that the Italian language become the official language of the Republic. But these two lines have … Read more

Brezzo di Bedero, the Italian language for the integration of Ukrainian refugees

Average reading time: 3 minutes (Edited by Roberto Bramani Araldi) On Thursday 24 November Paul Baumgartner House has opened its doors to a highly significant moment in this period in which public attention is attracted by the events of the conflict in Ukraine: the meeting organized by the ACLI Club of Castelveccana in collaboration with … Read more

Primary schools: why 150,000 students were evaluated throughout the country in language and mathematics


About 150,000 sixth grade students from 4,000 schools across the country today took the tests learna census-based evaluation that it is taken biennially to all primary and secondary students. However, this year, for the first time, the Ministry of Education of the Nation decided to implement a test a of a sample nature to obtain … Read more

Inclusion and respect for diversity through the language of cinema, the “Magna Graecia Experience” kicks off in Catanzaro


CATANZARO Educate and sensitize the young generations on issues such as social inclusion and respect for diversity through the languages ​​of cinema and TV. This is the objective that characterizes the “Magna Graecia Experience” project, conceived by Gianvito Casadonte and now in its second edition, which will involve students from secondary schools in Calabria in … Read more

No more Italian language and culture courses in St. Gallen and Bern

Italian language and culture courses at risk with the new rules issued by Rome. © Keystone / Laurent Gillieron Italian language and culture courses suspended and teachers without salary for months in some important Swiss cities. But on the causes of the serious situation that has arisen, especially those concerning the non-payment of contributions from … Read more

“We owe him the foundations of our language”: a conference by Christophe Barbier on Molière this Monday in Cannes


What a national myth! No other playwright would come close to such post-mortem glory. From Jean-Baptiste Poquelin to Molière, the author and actor conquered an entire country. Even in textbooks, in which it occupies an unrivaled place. Christophe Barbier, political columnist for BFMTV and author of the book The world according to Molière, is passionate … Read more

In Corsica, sign language seeks to find a place in school


It is a small step not without importance of the Pôle Deafness of Corsica. An approval, issued by the Academy of Corsica and with the support of Maïf, gives the association the right to operate in the school environment to raise awareness in classes about sign language. In concrete terms, members will be able, as … Read more

School, a guide from principals to professors: from language to private chats, here’s how to behave


There is still a lot to be built in school, starting with those behaviors that, if on the one hand they should be the habit, sometimes, on the other hand, become the exception. And that is why, even in the face of what happened a few days ago in high school Plinythat the National Association … Read more

Lichtmajer: With books we encourage skills in Language and Mathematics


Minister Juan Pablo Lichtmajer visited the Alberto García Hamilton Initial Level School to supervise the training for directors and teachers within the framework of the National Books to Learn Program. Within the framework of the arrival of Books to Learn for the Initial Level, at the Alberto García Hamilton School a training was carried out … Read more

Health: in Italy 7 out of 100 children with language disorders. Today is the international day


A variety of conditions, in some cases limited to linguistic production up to the most serious situations in which the ability to understand is also involved It is the most widespread among the problems of developmental age and refers to the child’s inability to correctly articulate sounds and words in mild forms, up to the … Read more