Gender ideology and the Trans Law

Each year passes the Day of Pride, where it is remembered the absurdity of the 37 imaginary genres that are recognized today in Spainwearing multicolored flags and now with the “trans” triangle included, representative of LGTBIQ+ in public buildings, completely skipping the doctrine of the Supreme Court that prohibits the display of insignia on these … Read more

Challenges and scope of the recent regulation of the inclusive education law / By Liliana Santander

Law VI No. 253 of the Province of Misiones is the one that regulates and promotes Inclusive Education. It was recently published in the Official Gazette under Decree Number 1797. This regulation was made with contributions from the Department of Special Education and Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Education. By breaking down its content, … Read more

A “dignified death” regulated by a law called euthanasia


Dying with dignity is the ideal final act of a life with dignity. It means to die with the minimum physical, psychic, emotional or spiritual suffering. It also means dying accompanied by loved ones, well informed if desired, being able to refuse treatment that is not wanted, having prepared it through a Living Will, in … Read more

Abortion in France: schools must respect the law and do prevention, according to president of the Women’s Health Fund


Israel Nisand considers that the argument of “lack of time” put forward by certain schools for not carrying out prevention is not valid. Article written by Posted on 09/27/2022 21:22 Reading time : 2 min. “Less than 15% of students hear about these extremely important subjects for everyday life during their course”, deplore this Tuesday, … Read more

Can Yaman: «I am beautiful? Others remind me of it. I graduated in law and at school I was a nerd “


from Chiara Maffioletti The actor will be on TV from 30 September in prime time on Canale 5 with the series Viola come il mare: It wasn’t easy to start from scratch, but I was determined There are actors, there are much loved actors and then there is Can Yaman , which deserves a separate … Read more

The Aid Decree bis is a Law: among the approved measures, the teacher permanently incentivized and the increase in the Institute Fund


As we have already communicated, the cd. Aid decree bis (decree-law 9 August 2022, n.115) became Law 21 September 2022, n. 142 and enters into force today, 22 September, after the publication in the Official Gazette. The rule that mainly affects schools, and which has been much debated in recent months, concerns the “expert teacher”, … Read more

Aid Decree Bis is law: goodbye to the expert teacher and new funds for education. What changes for the school?


With 178 yes, 13 abstentions and no contrary, the Senate gives the green light to the Aid Bis Decree. The law, passed by the Draghi government to stem the high-energy costs, and therefore consequently the high-bills, contains within it various measures that have an important impact on the school as well. The name “expert teacher” … Read more

10 years after the startup law, Italy still has a lot to do for innovative companies


They are many, fierce, but they do not grow. Nor do they die. The opportunity to take stock of the state of health of the 14,621 Italian startups (source: Ministry of Economic Development – Mise July 2022) was the birthday of the first Italian law of the sectorwanted in 2012 by Corrado Passera, at the … Read more

Yolanda Law: comprehensive training in the environment will reach the Judicial Power and the Legislative Power


This Thursday, the team from the Ministry of the Environment met with representatives of both powers to coordinate what will be the beginning of the implementation in these spaces. In the first instance, the coordinator of the environmental portfolio, Soledad Sallenave, signed an agreement with the attorney general of the province, Luis Martínez, and it … Read more