Renewable energies: Macronists turn to the left of the Assembly

PARIS: Heading left: the examination of the bill to accelerate the installation of wind turbines and solar panels in France started Monday in the hemicycle of the Assembly, where the macronists are counting on alliances with the socialists and environmentalists faced with the reluctance of LRs. At the start of the debates, the Minister for … Read more

In tears, Gino Chouinard explains the reason why he left Salut Bonjour

Gino Chouinard announced in the last minutes that he was leaving Salut Bonjour after nearly 20 years. This news was unexpected by many viewers since Gino has been in his position as host for so many years… As some people said in a very friendly way, he was practically a “piece of furniture” in the … Read more

10 Actors Who Had Huge Movie Roles Who Left Hollywood, According to Reddit | Pretty Reel


The recent announcement of Shelley Duvall’s return to the big screen after a long hiatus is good news for those who enjoyed her performance in The Shining. Although she achieved a lot of success in Hollywood, 20 years ago she decided it wasn’t for her anymore. Duvall isn’t the only one who decides Hollywood stardom … Read more

What happened to Bully, the schoolyard GTA that left Bart Simpson’s worst pranks in diapers

rock star has accustomed us to really long development stages, either with red dead redemption 2 or the future GTA VI. The number of projects launched by the studio has been reduced compared to its heyday in the 2000s. It was in those times where bully He came to turn us into real hooligans. Or … Read more

The phrases left by the I Congress of Cancer Survivors in Seville


The Sandra Ibarra Foundation made history this Wednesday in Seville. For the first time, this non-profit organization, with a track record of fourteen years joining efforts against cancer, managed to bring together scientists, researchers, health specialists, and survivors and their families in the same auditorium at the I National Congress of Cancer Survivors full of … Read more

Anne Hathaway turns 40 and left behind her history of depression and anxiety: “I don’t mind doing things wrong anymore”


Anne Hathaway turns 40 Could he have known at the age of six, when he saw his mother play Fantine in Les Miserables and became fascinated with the theater, that one day I was going to win the Oscar for that same role? Could her parents have known when they named her after Shakespeare’s wife … Read more

Tournai before: the 19th century school, right or left?


Here is the teaching seen by the “Dossiers Tournai – Tournaisis” in 1976: “From 1842, each municipality must have a primary school (Law Nothomb). Poorly equipped by the municipal officials, who were often illiterate, the classes were overcrowded before 1914, with 70 pupils in the winter, less in the summer because the pupils were in … Read more

Freedom Day, left parties and trade unions against Valditara: “He used incorrect and unilateral words”. The minister: “I am the son of a partisan, I do not accept lessons”

“The letter removes the fact that November 9 is the world day against fascism and anti-Semitism proclaimed by the United Nations”. This was stated by the president of the Anpi Gianfranco Pagliarulo, interviewed by the newspaper ‘Domani’ on the letter from the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara. “The minister’s words are an incorrect … Read more

A girl from the Saco Oliveros school left the ICU, but her father denounces that the psychological damage to her daughter is very serious


The 12-year-old girl who fell from the fourth floor of the Saco Oliveros school last week of Salamanca, left the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after undergoing a delicate operation lasting about ten hours at the Almenara hospital. The father of the minor maintained that although her daughter is stable, they still do not know the … Read more

Enrico Galiano: The school of merit and competition is not a school | Left


“The actual and total disinterest that politics has towards the youngest is something scandalous to me” “Do we want to understand that the school is not a place where you go to select the best, that thinking like this is the most undemocratic way that exists?” this is how Enrico Galiano commented on the choice … Read more