Clooney, Tania León and U2 receive Kennedy Center Honors

WASHINGTON (AP) — An emotional Patti LaBelle praised her longtime friend Gladys Knight. Matt Damon jokingly teased her friend George Clooney, while Sheryl Crow thanked and dedicated her performance of “Baby Baby” to her singer colleague Amy Grant during the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday. Knight, Clooney and Grant were honored at the John F. … Read more

Students from Nuevo León collect rainwater in their schools with the help of the IP

Fundación AlEn launched a call for the “Water in my School” program so that educational institutions in Nuevo León compete for the installation of a rainwater harvesting system, thus, together with Isla Urbana, an organization dedicated to placing said infrastructure, they seek to guarantee dignified access to this resource in the communities of the state. … Read more

Óscar Fernández León, new dean of the Seville Bar Association


There have been no surprises. Óscar Cisneros already has a substitute. Oscar Fernandez Leon will be the new dean of the Seville Bar Association after having overwhelmingly won Rosalía Pascua, Daniel Sánchez and Carlos Palomar in the elections this Thursday. After half past ten at night, the first provisional result of the elections to elect … Read more

Feria de León will pay 7.3 million pesos per show that Disney will present


León, Guanajuato.- The León Fair will pay 7 million 395 thousand pesos for 60 performances of the show Disney Mysteryplus travel expenses and food for 32 artists and 27 staff members who will perform from January 13 to February 7. Currently in Mexico City the show comes on Disney Mystery with a duration of one … Read more

Beatriz León: The bonfire of child abuse | Columnists | Opinion


Christina Aguilera recently released her song It’s not that I miss you, where he tells of the mistreatment that his father inflicted on his mother. She is seen in the video clip not only as a witness of violence, but as she grows fearful of the reactions and the fist of the angry man who … Read more

Interview with the president of the Medical College of León


With the resurgence of the demand for a Faculty of Medicine for the University of León, which has the scarcity of professionals as a backdrop, it is convenient to analyze the current situation of the health system in the province. The president of the León Medical Association, José Luis Díaz Villarig, defends that the measures … Read more

A school in León participates in the Erasmus project ‘Model Teachers 3.0’ together with three other educational centers from Portugal, Romania and Turkey


The public school of the Bercian municipality of Toral de los Vados is one of the four educational centers that participate in the Erasmus project ‘Model Teachers 3.0’, co-financed by the European Union, along with three other colleges from Portugal, Romania and Turkey. “The main objective of the project is to increase the capacity of … Read more

The Trial of the Boards under the analysis of Luis Moreno Ocampo, León Arslanian and Ricardo Gil Lavedra


The reissue of “When power lost its judgment” was presented at the National Library On Tuesday afternoon, the third edition of the book was presented at the Auditorium of the Mariano Moreno National Library. When the power lost its mindof Luis Moreno Ocampo. The prosecutor of the trial of the military boards that exercised de … Read more

The Attorney denounces “continuous punishments” to the students of a school in Castilla y León


The Attorney General processed the complaint file on alleged irregularities related to the actions of the management of a school in Castilla y León, and that particularly affects 6th grade students. Tomás Quintana denounces “continuous punishments” towards the students of a schoolwhere there would have been “incidents that have generated frustration and anguish in parents … Read more