Power cuts: local elected officials are concerned about power cuts announced too late

With the cold setting in over the country, the probability of scheduled power cuts is increasing given the country’s insufficient production capacity. Power cuts that worry local elected officials, particularly with regard to unprotected activities. First example with the potential closings of schools which could undergo up to three power cuts in all during the … Read more

Milan Beyond Broadway, the musical is staged in the suburbs: the students of local schools are the protagonists

The musical staged in the suburbs of the city. Milan as and beyond New York. In addition to what happens on Broadway, the musical capital of the world. A project, ‘Tutto il Mondo è Teatro, il Musical’, the one proposed by Stage Entertainment (entertainment multinational that manages theaters Lirico e Nazionale di Milano) which is … Read more

Frosinone, Inclusion and social cohesion: the conference at the Local Health Authority


The conference entitled “Inclusion and social cohesion: the keys to the future of the community”, sponsored by the Municipality of Frosinone, will be held on Friday 2 December from 9 am, in the ASL conference room, in via Fabi. Slogan “One day a year for the whole year: the slogan that accompanies the anniversary of … Read more

A report from the Inspectorate calls for a review of State and local authority reports


Should we go back to the bodies that govern relations between the State and local authorities in the field of education? A report by Inspectors General Jean-Marie Panazol and Martine Gustin-Fall calls for this. While the local authorities cover a quarter of the domestic expenditure on education, they are required to react urgently to the … Read more

Barcelona aspires to double the food consumption of local products


The consistory approves a plan to guide the city towards “sufficient, fair and healthy” diets Ruscalleda praises the initiative and recalls that not throwing away food is part of the Mediterranean culture The Barcelona’s town hall has presented this Monday its roadmap so that in the next eight years there will be more citizens than … Read more

Digital education, still just as strategic for local authorities


Key figures Method : estudy carried out online for “La Gazette” and Docaposte, from September 5 to 30, 2022 with 200 elected officials and agents. Study produced by Infopro Digital studies (etudes@infopro-digital.com). 17% only respondents state that they “completely” have information collected from establishments on their digital uses and their needs. 30% … Read more

School canteens: more than local products, it is the fair remuneration of farmers that is important to schoolchildren


(ETX Daily Up) – Do schoolchildren consume responsibly when they eat in the canteen? The Max Havelaar association conducted the survey by interviewing parents, but also their child(ren). And the survey reveals a well-established awareness among children and teenagers, in particular to defend the income of the producers who supply their canteen. What do we … Read more

Parents, associations and local authorities take up the issue of toilets at school


It’s an old observation but still relevant: toilets at school are a problem. Eight out of 10 children hold back “often” or “sometimes” according to a study conducted by Essity, Harpic and Harris interactive presented during a round table at the Congress of Mayors on November 23. Conducted with 600 young people and 400 parents, … Read more

Startups advance despite the local ‘climate’ and the slowdown affecting the world | Duty


embed note November 22, 2022, 4:00 AM November 22, 2022, 4:00 AM Every crisis can be an opportunity and Bolivian startups know this well, as they have had to rely on resilience, adaptability and efficiency to face the international slowdown and the complex national situation. “The global situation, the economic contraction, the social conflicts, are … Read more

Santander schoolchildren will celebrate the Days of Local Solidarity with a film series


Lorena Gutiérrez, Councilor for Immigration and Development Cooperation The Department of Immigration and Cooperation for Development, through the Office of Integration and Social Cooperation (OICOS), has organized a conference with three films aimed at educational centers in the city Santander celebrates the European Days of Local Solidarity until November 30, and for this purpose, the … Read more