This week we propose, for the column BL BOOKSthe new novel by Pierfrancesco Diliberto, in art Pif: “A poor idiot’s desperate search for love” published by Feltrinelli. “Love is not a mathematical formula, you can’t fall in love by calculating.” At least that’s what Arturo thinks until he sees an old classmate, the irritating Gianfranco … Read more

“Ardiente paciencia”: the first Chilean film on Netflix, a story of love and poetry | REVIEW


Mario (Andrew Bargsted) has quit his job as a fisherman with his father and is preparing to look for a new job. After asking some references, he receives an opportunity as a postman in the post office of Isla Negra, a town in southern Chile. This new trade will allow him to experience two fundamental … Read more

Love Actually’s Best Love Stories Aren’t Its Romances


When it comes to the holiday romantic comedy genre, one movie stands out above the rest for its popularity and staying power: love in fact. As the quintessential rom-com, we’d expect the “love” they often refer to in both the film’s title and famous intro voiceover is for the many couples in the story. In … Read more

Next Stop Live Action: My Happy Marriage, Alice in Borderland 2 and Boys’ Love

With the autumn season already underway, here we are to tidy up a bit, collecting below the trailers released in recent days, also relating to the films that will soon arrive in Japanese cinemas. In the gallery you will also find the new posters released. Ameiro Paradox – journalist, investigation, boys’ love, comedy, sentimental – … Read more

Everyone says “I love you” and forgets “I love you”


Of Valeria Locati Generation Z and a bit ‘even thirty-year-olds always repeat “love”, “I love”, “I love you”. Blame social media? About the difficulty of settling for nuances? A psychotherapist explains why. And if bad, not only lexical The four splits of an afternoon like so many in the studio. From the intercom Tamara and … Read more

Being in love actually made me feel like an outcast and a cruel comment about weight nearly broke me, Olivia Olson reveals


SHE dazzled as the all-American schoolgirl who stole a young boy’s heart in the hit romantic comedy Love Actually. But actress Olivia Olson says in real life she felt like an outcast and feared she would go into depression as the pressures of being a child star grew too much. Getty Love Actually’s Olivia Olson … Read more

Couple: can the school help to deconstruct the vision of love transmitted by Disney?


THE ESSENTIAL “Schools can improve student outcomes in romantic relationships through a variety of means, such as having someone to talk to, in person and privately,” the authors say. Some participants prefer to be referred to sources of help outside the school setting and to receive information on social relations. Professionals believe that … Read more

The film of the week: “Stella is in love” with Sylvie Verheyde


From what sources does a high school student of popular origin, dreamy, solitary and refractory to the school system, draw the strength to oppose the parental injunction: to be the first in the family to succeed in the baccalaureate? Sylvie Verheyde, director of “Stella is in love”, her 7th biographically inspired feature film, brilliantly transcends … Read more