The new curriculum received contributions from 75 institutions, the majority from the ruling party

The new school curriculum that is intended to be applied starting this year received contributions from 75 institutions, most of them related to the Government. Teachers assure that none of their suggestions were incorporated into this new plan. “Several organizations presented their proposals for the development of the new curricular plan,” Fernando Carrión, coordinator of … Read more

Maneuver 2023, 30 million for equal schools. The proposal from the majority forces

In the chaos that is affecting the Budget Commission committed to approving the 2023 maneuver, an amendment by the Government appears which intervenes on the Fund for equal schools. In fact, according to what Ansa reports, there will be an increase of 30 million from 2023 in the contribution for private schools. This would be … Read more

Education ratified the classes until the 23rd: “The vast majority of schools have fans and water”


In spite of the heat wave that affects the province of Santa Fe and a large part of the country and although schools do not have enough resources In order to cool the classrooms, the Ministry of Education of the province maintains the resolution that extended the school year until next December 23. On Tuesday, … Read more

Majority in crisis in San Colombano


A crowded city council was held with a large audience and with the first point the resignation of the President of the City Council Franco Amadori, which follows those of the former Deputy Mayor Giovanni Solari a few months ago. After several interventions, including that of Amadori himself, who declared that he was part of … Read more