Covid and school: the training course for coordinators and managers kicks off tomorrow

MANTOVA – Covid and safe return to school: a goal for which the Ats della Val Padana proposes again this year the training event “Indications for the mitigation of the effects of Sars-VOC-2 infections in the education system for the school year 2022-2023”. The course is addressed to the Coordinators of the Early Childhood Educational … Read more

The institutions celebrate together with the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén their patron

ALMERIA, Sep. 23 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Provincial Council of Almería has participated in the institutional events held by the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén on the occasion of the Day of its Patron Saint, San Cayetano. The province will host these events again after five years, after touring the other … Read more

Defamation between teachers and managers: when are there extremes?

School is a complex, organic world, but where it is increasingly difficult to dialogue and where, above all, resorting to the legal way to protect one’s rights has become, compared to a few years ago, the absolute ordinary. Therefore, the disputes are in substantial increase. For example, it is interesting to note how the sentences … Read more

Recruitment of school managers 2022/23: 361 appointments. 2017 competition ranking sold out? New call now ready

The ranking of the competition at national level for school managers announced almost five years ago is close to exhaustion. 317 new appointments, which means that only 184 candidates remain to be hired. The insolvency procedure to become Headmasters has a fairly complex process, on average it takes 2 years. This suggests that the call … Read more

Municipality of Corigliano Rossano: Schools Problem, solutions identified in agreement with school managers


CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO, 1 September 2022 – During yesterday’s City Council – Wednesday 31 August – news was anticipated which, for practice and fairness, we are used to share in advance with the School Managers who, in turn, also carry out the role of intermediaries with school communities. To avoid, however, that the contents of the interventions … Read more

Staffing of school managers as 2022/2023: information to the ministry


The meeting between the Ministry of Education and the trade union organizations representing the school management took place on Wednesday 20 April, via videoconference. for the information on the decree relating to the staffing of school managers for the school year 2022/2023. For the administration was present the dr. Filippo Serra, general manager of the … Read more

Sexual abuse in a school in La Plata: the peculiar measure taken by managers while the investigation progresses


The educational community of silver lives a shock for a case of sexual abuse at school Our Lady of Fatima. As a result of what happened, the authorities decided that the defendant continues to take classes virtually until there are definitions in the file. The victimmeanwhile, rejoined the classroom after the complaint made by the … Read more

School competitions: from Managers to DSGAs, from motor education for Primary to TFA, support and IRC competition. What awaits us for 2022

The next government will first find the dossier of competitions for the school on the table. There are many parties that in these days promise regularity in the announcements and relative recruitments. Here’s what awaits us between 2022 and 2023 Competition for teachers of Catholic religion Extraordinary procedure The Ministry may announce an extraordinary procedure … Read more

Competition for school managers, preselection: when and how it takes place, exempted. Who surpasses it

The Ministry of Education has prepared the DM (Regulation) which will govern the competition to become school managers. Pre-selection test: all the info. Competition The competition, which will take place every three years and is organized on a regional basis, is divided into: possible pre-selection test (if the number of participants, at regional level, exceeds … Read more

The GPU platform, access for teachers, managers and DSGA: FERS, PON funds. FILE

Here we analyze a useful tool for educational institutions, especially for the management and reporting of NOPs, but more generally in the context of the great digitization process that has characterized schools for many years. Let’s see how the platform works, what it allows to do, in order to spread its usefulness among the operators … Read more