“After Ibiza, Barcelona”, Martinez and Besancenot regret Macron’s absence at the time of the strike

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Gabi Martínez: “I started playing jota at school, but AC/DC changed my chip”

He’s been in that ‘City of Angels’ for a few years to which the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sang…Seven and a half! There is a mandatory adaptation period in this city, you don’t really understand how it works until you have been in it for a while; in my case, two years, not to mention … Read more

La Nación / Cardinal Adalberto Martínez invites young people to be protagonists in these elections


In a message of faith and hope addressed to the youth sector of the population, the national cardinal Adalberto Martínez invited every young person of voting age to participate in the internal elections. “Through these acts and interventions, by the overwhelming force of a young majority, be the protagonists using suffrage in what you want … Read more

The world of Laura Wandel, by Germán Martínez Martínez


The apt first feature film by director Laura Wandel is called Un monde (Belgium, 2020). It arrives in Mexico City as part of the 72nd International Film Festival of the Cineteca Nacional. (It is impossible for me not to reiterate the unnecessaryness of naming tapes from other languages ​​in English, since the limpid title in … Read more

Estrella Martínez: “The idea is to form teams that drive ESI in each school”

This week, massive training began throughout the province for school leaders in Comprehensive Sexual Education belonging to the “Embracing our school with ESI” program. In two commissions, about one hundred teachers from Luján began training that seeks to create school teams that accompany and coordinate the daily task. The Florentino Ameghino Normal School is the … Read more

Nazareth Martínez (School of Dance): «The existence of an evening institute continues to be a priority»


She has been linked to the Universities and Higher Education Foundation of Castilla y León since 2016 and four years in Burgos teaching Spanish Dance to the little ones at the Ana Laguna Professional School. A native of Madrid, she heads the center’s new management team after having been secretary of the group led by … Read more

Zulma and Glenda Martínez, the entrepreneurial twins who reinvented themselves in times of pandemic


Henry Ford, the tycoon and founder of the Ford car company, once said: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Several years later, television personality and businesswoman Oprah Winfrey also said, “Challenges are gifts that force us to find a new center … Read more

Sebastián Martínez and the complaint to the schools for school supplies and tells what they asked him; “It’s a hell”


Sebastián Martínez, like a responsible father, must go out and buy his children’s supplies for the start of the school year. However, this work seems to be an ordeal for the Colombian actor, which he revealed in one of his Instagram stories. While he was reading the list published by the school and reading the … Read more

Sebastián Martínez was upset by the amount of school supplies that his son is asked for: “It’s hell”


Sebastian Martinez. Instagram Sebastian Martinez is one of the most recognized Colombian actors among viewers of national productions that are currently on the air, thanks to his leading role in the second version of ‘Hasta que la plata nos separe’. Nevertheless, his fame does not exclude him from having problems like any other citizen or … Read more

Horacio Martínez: traumatologist from Neuquén who dedicated his life to caring for others

Today we are talking about Dr. Horacio Martínez. He was the son of Clara Rosa and Ricardo Martínez, descendants of traditional families in the area. The Rosa family in Argentina began with Nicola Rosa, Italian, married Teresa Gogiera; They had eight children Francisco, Rosa, Pedro, Antonia, Nicolás, Ana, Pascual and José. Pascual Rosa, Horacio’s grandfather, … Read more