What explains the mass shootings in the United States? International comparisons suggest an answer: weapons

When the world looks at americahe sees a land of exceptions: a time-tested, if noisy, democracy, a crusader on foreign policy, an exporter of beloved music and movies. But there is a peculiarity that constantly puzzles to fans and critics in the United States. Why, they ask, so many are produced mass shootings? Perhaps, some … Read more

Invalsi confirms the mass filing of fragile students. Unbeknownst to parents

Invalsi, through the mouth of its President Roberto Ricci, confirms that a mass filing of fragile students is underway in Italian schools. From Roars “No labeling” claims Ricci, but contradicts himself immediately afterwards, admitting that Invalsi is sending the codes that allow the value of the fragility indicator to be associated with each student’s file. … Read more

The Mass media | Concept map | Studenti.it


MASS MEDIA What and what are the mass media? – Source: getty-images The expression mass media (download here Conceptual map) comes from the Latin average (medium in the singular) which means means or instrument. In Italian mass media translates as the expression mass communication. The first means of communication is the book. Important is the … Read more

Mass intoxication in Bucaramanga school: students consumed ‘brownie’ with marijuana; this is the story


The strange behavior of eleven students from Bucaramanga caught the attention of the teachers of a school in the city. Then they were alerted by the headache, general malaise and nausea that the students began to have in the classroom. A food they ate generated the emergency that caused them to end up in a … Read more

School supplies: despite inflation, how Menton stationery stores keep up with mass distribution and online sites


Back to school is fast approaching and the last days of preparations are often synonymous with a race against time for parents. Because you have to know how to juggle between an extended list of supplies and inflated prices. But some people from Menton have made their choice: no discount store or online ordering, they … Read more

Birth of mass parties in Italy: summary | Studenti.it


Birth of mass parties in Italy Starting from the last decades of XIX century the characters of that society that will later be called began to be outlined mass society, meaning that society was increasingly delineated as a place of collective subjects: peoples, social classes, labor categories, and even gender groups, such as women who … Read more

Mass shootings: 5 movies to try to understand them


The shooting at a Columbine high school occurred on April 20, 1999 marked a watershed in the political and cultural history of the United States. The central topic of the debate? Firearms legislation. The documentary filmmaker and faithful anti-republican Michael Moore attacked companies and congressmen alike in his celebrated Bowling for Columbine (2002), where he … Read more

What to watch on HBO Max: a turbulent drama that reflects the harsh reality behind the mass shootings in schools in the United States


It is inevitable to feel devastated watching the news that arrives from the other side of the pond, where every few weeks we have to meet another mass shooting at a school in the United States. Tragic news that should serve to rethink once and for all the restriction of weapons in the country, for … Read more

The Mass for the World Encounter. Pope Francis: “The family is a school of freedom”

Pope Francis at the Mass for the World Meeting of Families – Gennari / Siciliani “Just as we affirm the beauty of the family,” we feel more than ever that we must defend it. ” So “let us not allow it to be polluted by the poisons of selfishness, individualism, the culture of indifference and … Read more