Puggelli closes his mandate as president of the Province: “Proud to have helped the institution to return central to the public debate” | Meadow TV

Penultimate day as president of the Province of Prato for Francesco Puggelli who will end his four-year term tomorrow. Here is the balance sheet for the mandate at Palazzo Banci Buonamici. “I am leaving this position satisfied with what I have achieved in the four years as president and aware that I have given the … Read more

“I had the same”: in tears, Charley (Love is in the meadow 2021) reveals to have been the victim of harassment like Noémie

It is a strong sequence that has upset Karine Le Marchand and a good number of viewers tonight in Love is in the meadow. First to open the balance sheet ball, William the Limousin and Noemie arrived hand in hand. If they go at their own pace, the two lovebirds seem to be on the … Read more

“Love is in the meadow”: did the candidate on sick leave have the right to participate?


“It caused me too much trouble”, regrets Laurence Ceinturet in the columns of The free Charente. For several weeks now, this 50-year-old from Charente has appeared every fortnight, on Mondays, on the M6 ​​program “Love is in the meadow”, which aims to allow farmers to meet a soul mate. Laurence is one of the suitors … Read more

“It’s over forever”: the unexpected breakup of Noémie and Gaël in Love is in the meadow


This Monday, October 24, the new episode of Love is in the meadow reserved a few surprises for viewers on M6. Karine Le Marchand has indeed announced “against all odds“the break between Noemie and her suitor Gaël, about ten days after the end of their stay together on the farm. Three weeks later, they were … Read more

«No to the terminus in the green meadow» The protest mount


Chronicle / Lecco city Saturday 08 October 2022 Lecco The residents of the via Belfiore area are opposed “Impossible project, that area is private property” The hypothesis of a “painful” expropriation appears on the table The protest to the Broletto arises, regarding the idea of ​​the Municipality to create a new bus terminus in the … Read more

Thierry Olive (Love is in the meadow) balances on his intimate life with his wife Annie!


On May 14, 2022, Matthieu Delormeau had received on the set of “TPMP People”, Thierry Olive, candidate of the flagship program “Love is in the meadow”. For this interview, the latter agreed to confide in his relationship with Annie. He also gave some details about his intimate life. Discover his secrets in this article. Love … Read more

Love is in the meadow: the candidates paid to participate in the show? The answer !


The candidates of L’amour est dans le pré participate for one reason only: to find love. The production wants to find honest candidates, and it’s not always easy. Why ? Because we know that today, this kind of popular programs allow to develop its notoriety. And thanks to social networks, notoriety can bring in a … Read more

Love is in the meadow: find out what becomes of Hervé, Stéphanie’s darling


If you are a fan of Love is in the meadow, you necessarily remember Hervé and Stéphanie in the sixteenth season of the program. They are among the favorites of this edition, because it was a very nice meeting. Indeed, the farmer had never had any experience with women and he found the right person. … Read more

Love is in the meadow: Huge love disappointment for a participant with a suitor


Julie, L’amour est dans le pré got into the habit of confiding in the press about her personal situation. After having revealed that her love story with Jean-Michel had ended, she confides today on the new man of her life. But love has not yet knocked on his door. Julie traumatized, she has a miscarriage … Read more