Harry Potter: a US media begs Warner to give up the reboot

“Please don’t reboot the ‘Harry Potter’ movies. We beg you.” This is what the American media Collider writes in an article indirectly addressed to Warner studios. A reboot of the Harry Potter movies? For Collider, the answer is clearly no and the arguments put forward are quite good. As the article clarifies, the film series … Read more

Teachers on social media, their posts are very often read by school principals and sometimes with disciplinary consequences

It wouldn’t be the first time that a head teacher opens a disciplinary procedure against some teacher for his facebook posts, but the offending post must really have the details of disciplinary action and not be a legitimate opinion or the critical sense of a legitimate and free thought. Sometimes the posts made on social … Read more

Media Education Factory 4.0: docenti e allievi fanno esperienza al cinema


Tempo di lettura: 3 minuti Salerno – Il cinema diventa esperienza da vivere con Linea d’Ombra – Media Education Factory 4.0, il progetto spin off di Linea d’Ombra Festival, realizzato nell’ambito del CIPS – Cinema e Immagini per la Scuola, il Piano nazionale di educazione all’immagine per le scuole promosso dal Ministero della Cultura e dal Ministero dell’Istruzione e … Read more

Cernusco propone senso unico alternato e semaforo fuori dalla scuola media ”Verga”

Tra i desiderata del sindaco di Cernusco Lombardone Gennaro Toto inerente alla scuola media c’è quello di risolvere i problemi della viabilità che si creano soprattutto all’uscita dall’istituto “G. Verga”. Due le linee di intervento. Da una parte il coinvolgimento dei comandi di Polizia Locale di Osnago/Lomagna e Montevecchia. Una bozza predisposta dall’Ufficio di PL … Read more

Media Literacy at school, trip to Finland where it is a curricular subject


In Finland promote the media education and enhance the skills of media literacy not only is it possible, but it has been a current reality for several years already, with the promotion of many information programs in the school education system, in continuous progress compared to the rest of the countries of the European Union, … Read more

Educational Development and the CAA will work together “to advance media literacy” for young people


SEVILLE, 22 (EUROPA PRESS) The Minister of Educational Development and Vocational Training, Patricia del Pozo, met this Thursday with the plenary session of the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia (CAA), chaired by Domi del Postigo, where both have highlighted the need to continue working and collaborating in literacy communication and training in audiovisual skills for students … Read more

We have classified for you “objectively” all the Harry Potter films from best to worst | VL Media


As the Harry Potter exhibition approaches in 2023, here is a ranking of all these films that have made entire generations dream 1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Just awesome. It’s the most breathless of Harry Potter, with a start that looks very strong: an attack of dead eaters at the Quidditch World … Read more

10 films or cartoons to watch at Christmas | VL Media


As Christmas approaches, here is a list of films made especially for you, to see or rewatch absolutely! When Harry Met Sally (1989) The romantic comedy par excellence, which through a good dose of humor, transports us to the heart of a beautiful love story. It’s the story of Harry who on several occasions meets … Read more

In Piedmont, 44% of harassment on social media concerns women


The digital dimension of gender-based violence concerns a vast range of acts committed online or through technological tools that are part of the drama of violence that women and girls suffer even within the walls of the home. A phenomenon so vast that there is no definition that covers its different nuances. On the one … Read more

Alta UACh students collaborate in research on media in pandemic

How have children and young people been experiencing the pandemic? This is one of the questions posed by the Institute of Data and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Chile, which carried out a nationwide study in which students from the Alta UACh School of Academic Talents participated. One of the starting points of the … Read more