The filming of the reality show inspired by Squid Game is underway, but a medical emergency is triggered on the set

Medical emergency on the set of the reality show The Challenge inspired by Squid Game A small number of reality show contestants Squid Game: The Challenge appears to have required medical attention on set, after the first game inspired by the series took place. The reason it would have been the ongoing cold snap in … Read more

Medical College and health alert extension:

The Ministry of Health extended the Health Alert for covid 19 within the country until March 2023 due to the epidemiological scenario currently being faced. A measure that occurs in the complex panorama that China is experiencing, where there has been an increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Under this gaze, in a new edition … Read more

Human genome, Moon objective, Basque hand… the highlights of scientific and medical news in 2022


Eyeful. Of the year 2022 in science and medicine will first remain the first spectacular images delivered by the James-Webb space telescope. Thanks to this instrument of unequaled power, the whole world has been able to dream in front of unprecedented representations of our Solar System and more distant galaxies. Humans, like the Universe, continue … Read more

Irreconcilable rupture between primary school doctors in Madrid and its medical college: “It is the executing arm of the Ministry of Health”


Two days passed between the massive assembly on Saturday that brought together more than 1,000 primary care doctors (according to the calculation of those present) in the main hall of the Madrid College of Physicians (Icomem) to discuss the situation that has led them to the strike since last November 21 and the “betrayal” statement … Read more

Again in rebellion: Medical College rejects exclusion of professionals from readjustment to the public sector 2023


This Monday, the authorities of the Medical College met in an extraordinary way to address the public sector readjustment bill, since the agreement reached by the government and the unions did not leave the organization satisfied. After five consecutive days of meetings and one last day that ended on Friday night, the ministries of Finance … Read more

“It’s a bad idea”: Medical College reacts to a proposal that would seek to limit the delivery of medical licenses


26 Nov. 2022 – 10:10 p.m. What happened? Controversy caused the statements of the Superintendent of Social Security, pamela winswho suggested imposing a limit on issued medical licenses for each professional to face the sustained rise in the delivery of these. It is due to the above, that from the Medical College, its general secretary, … Read more

Veterinary Medical College refutes a Sernac study that revealed a 3,400% gap in prices


“The Sernac study, which we support in its research stage, exposes a grotesque variation between veterinary clinics for the same ‘service’,” said the union. The National Consumer Service (Sernac) alerted the population about the enormous differences, of up to 3,400%, in the value of a veterinary consultation for the attention of a pet, whose minimum … Read more

The Medical College increased the value of the consultation by 30% | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones


Tuesday, November 01, 2022 | 3:06 a.m. By resolution 43/22, the Medical College of Misiones updated the amounts of the medical consultation, both day and night, and medical shifts. The increase established on October 13 last represents 30% more than what has been in force in recent months. However, although it is an ethical fee … Read more

Rutilio Delivers Medal of Medical Merit 2022


The governor presented the award to Dr. José Noé Colmenares Gómez, for his career in the service of health institutions and human vocation in patient care He highlighted the committed work shown by the doctors at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, in terms of prevention and containment He highlighted the efforts of the Fourth … Read more

Medical College withdraws from dialogue with the ARS and Sisalril


The Dominican Medical College (CMD) withdrew this Monday night from the dialogue organized by the Superintendence of Health and Occupational Risks (Sisalril) with the union and the Health Risk Administration (ARS), in which it was intended to find a solution to the impasse of both sectors and respond to the claim of the doctors consisting … Read more