Louis de Funès, Kad Merad… 10 French actors who practiced improbable professions before being known

While some were scouted as teenagers, many actors took time to rise to stardom and first had to earn a living outside of acting. Between odd jobs and amazing careers, here are 10 French actors who had another job before finding success. Gérard Depardieu – bodyguard for prostitutes © EuropaCorp Rough formwork, bon vivant and … Read more

Kad Merad: “I am one of the rare actors in France not to have been placed in a genre”

You have become a real social media phenomenon with this character! It’s crazy, I didn’t even know that. Patoche is the somewhat awkward character of the uncle. He has something very rooted in reality and very French. He talks about alcohol, ass, no problem. It is against the flow of life. But he was a … Read more