“Merlina”: Tim Burton returns from the hand of the Addams Locos and in serial format

Few directors like Tim Burton have become benchmarks for the marginal, losers and charming beings in the world. Perhaps because, like no one else, he knew how to portray those who are different from society in the pale, haggard, and sensual characters of his cinematography. His creative universe is populated by young scissorhands, cadaverous brides, … Read more

Merlina Addams: a character that no one should repair

Merlina snaps her fingers twice, and that simple sound, even without the introductory chords of the iconic Addams tune, evokes more than six decades of tradition that comes through in Merlina’s thin pigtails, her fondness for spiders, her his complicity with a hand without a body, in his relentless melancholy. wednesday (Netflix, 2022) allows us … Read more

“Merlina”: five facts about the classic Addams Family character that comes to Netflix in its 2022 version


Perhaps for most, talking about the addams family goes back to the film trilogy starring in the nineties by Angelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd Y Christina Ricci or in the 1964 black and white series broadcast in the eighties. The fact is that it is one version or another, the seal of the peculiar … Read more