The Ministry of Education of the Municipality promotes the School Coexistence Agreements > Municipality of Córdoba

Half of the educational institutions already have their final version of this document at the service of the educational community. During the month of February 2023, the remaining agreements will be completed to be implemented in all kindergartens and schools the next school year. Taking as a reference the 76 school institutions of the municipal … Read more

Maturity 2023: admission requirement valid, external commissioners return, two written tests and interview, 40 points per course. NOTE Ministry

The information note of the Ministry of Education and Merit on the 2023 Maturity exams has been published. In essence, what was anticipated in these hours after the declarations of Minister Valditara is confirmed: the carrying out of the Invalsi tests are once again a requirement for admission to the exam. The exam will consist … Read more

The Ministry chooses the Colònia de Sant Pere school for an inclusive education project


The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has chosen CEIP Rosa dels Vents from Colonia de Sant Pere (in Artà) to develop a joint project inclusive education and educational innovation with two schools from Navarra and the Valencian Community. During two academic years, the Mallorcan school will work together with the CEIP Mendigoiti of Navarra … Read more

Education, the ministry is now also of “Merit”. But be careful of the rhetoric


When you give opportunities to underprivileged children Other studies show that when disadvantaged children are given early access to environments “enriched” with social and intellectual stimulation, gaps in test scores can be filled further. This data is important, not only because it provides policy indications on how and where to act, but also because it … Read more

Dina Boluarte handed over Ministry of Education to Fujiaprista Óscar Becerra


Everything indicates that President Dina Boluarte ended up agreeing with the dark characters of the caviar and with operators of the government of Humala, PPK, Sagasti, Vizcarra and Castillo, since her new cabinet headed by Alberto Otárola, has questioned ministers linked to it in its ranks. to cases of alleged corruption, some have investigations in … Read more

The Ministry of Culture acquires the Berlanga Archive for 357,000 euros


The Ministry of Culture and Sports has culminated the acquisition of the file Luis Garcia Berlanga for an amount of 357,000 euros. After several years of negotiation with the family, a goodwill agreement has been reached between the parties, through which 74 boxes with various types of documents collected by the filmmaker throughout his life … Read more

Information from the Ministry of Education on orientation reform and implementation of the school PNRR


On 14 December 2022, a “technical” meeting was held between the heads of the PNRR Mission Unit of the Ministry of Education and the trade union organizations during which the contents of the Guidance Guidelines, implementing the Reform 1.4 – Mission 4 – Component 1 of the PNRR. During the meeting, the operational indications for … Read more

Suitable ordinary competitions 2020: the FLC CGIL urges the legislator and the Ministry to intervene to guarantee the scrolling of the rankings until exhaustion


The ordinary competitions of primary school and dell‘kindergarten and secondary school were banned in 2020: The DD 498 of 21 April 2020started that of the primary and‘childhoodfor 12,863 seats The DD 499 of 21 April 2020 initiated that of secondaryinitially for 25,000 places, then with the Departmental Decree 649 of 3 June 2020 the places … Read more