Vox mocks the “political violence” against Montero: “Bronquita de colegio de monjas”

The Vox deputy Victor Sanchez del Real mocked this Thursday the accusations of “political violence» aimed at his training on account of the words that his partner Carla Toscano dedicated this Wednesday to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has accused the PP of lukewarmness and has complained that they have only begun to “erase” … Read more

In RBD style, tik tokero mocks the water shortage in NL

If anyone knows about cities, it’s Daniel Saldaña Paris. And the one he evokes in his novel “The Dance and the Fire” (Anagram) is Cuernavaca, where it hasn’t rained in several months and “the fires have been spreading throughout the state like an insidious rumor that is decimating the forest” (p. 14). What can be … Read more