“The Gray Man”: what other movies on Netflix should you watch if you love fiction about the CIA?

When the CIA’s most skilled agent accidentally uncovers the agency’s dark secrets, a psychopathic former colleague places a price on his head and sparks an international manhunt. (Netflix) The action genre and fictions about the US Central Intelligence Agency (known by its acronym in English, INC) They have a long history in cinema. This relationship … Read more

10 Best Songs Featured In Adam Sandler Movies | Pretty Reel

There’s a distinct brand to an Adam Sandler movie, and the slew of featured songs adds to that vibe. From his first appearance in a starring role in Billy Madison, to the more recent Grown Ups, Adam Sandler’s film is defined by crude humor, its one-of-a-kind shtick, and plenty of heart. Although his later dramatic … Read more

Tips for choosing movies for the little ones • Five News


the classics never die Cinema is a tool of moral instruction and help build values, but it is also a type of entertainment. The cinematographic universe is so vast that sometimes choosing a children’s film is not easy. However, princess movies They are resources that never go out of style. Cinderella and his shoe Sleeping … Read more