Open Days at the Giovanni da San Giovanni High Schools: here are the characteristics of the four high school addresses and the multiple curvatures

The Open Days at the Giovanni da San Giovanni high schools have begun: an opportunity to get to know the school in all its complexity and be able to orient yourself among the addresses and curvatures it offers. In addition to the days dedicated to presentations, in December it will be possible to take part … Read more

Multiple events and testimonials in Seine

11/16/2022 More than 10 events took place in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis during the integration week with multiple actors of integration such as the Information Center on the Rights of Women and Families (CIDFF ) and NENUPHAR, Opening the School to Parents for the Success of Children (OEPRE), the Structure of the First Reception of … Read more

Immersion. A day in a school that welcomes children with multiple disabilities in Limoges


As part of Disability Week, which begins on Monday November 14, we spent a day of immersion at the Jean Zay school in Limoges. Since the start of the school year in September, it has welcomed four students with multiple disabilities within a UEE (outsourced teaching unit). Two-way wealth. Welcoming children with multiple disabilities into … Read more

School competition, the theorist of multiple intelligences Howard Gardner challenges the quiz about him: stupid question and answers

from Marco Ricucci * The famous American professor, on the recommendation of some candidates, decided to take a pen and paper and write to the Miur: question formulated badly, all wrong answers There is no peace for the simplified contest that arose from Minister Brunetta’s lamp. The speeding up, which often in Italy translates into … Read more