The Nazi regime: summary |

NAZI REGIME: SUMMARY A Hitler rally in 1933 — Source: getty-images In the middle of ’34 the totalitarian Nazi state was constituted. Hitler he did not modify either the Constitution or the Republic. Instead, he took away the autonomy of parliament, government, judiciary and public administration. There were no longer institutions that could go against … Read more

Jones College Prep Principal Removed as CPS Investigates Student Wearing Suspected Nazi Costume

The principal of Jones College Prep has been ousted as Chicago Public Schools investigates an incident in which a Jones student wore a German military uniform on Halloween that was widely interpreted to represent a Nazi soldier. Distressed students pointed out the costume to their principal, Joe Powers, but Powers explained to the students that … Read more

Sexist and Nazi expressions of the Colegio Mayor Elías Ahuja


Last Sunday, October 2, a video went viral. video Which collects The country. recorded from the Santa Monica Women’s Collegewhere the words were going, it shows how a student in the first instance shouts very macho expressions from a window: “Bitches, come out of your burrows like rabbits, you are nymphomaniac whores, I promise you … Read more

“He disguised himself as a Nazi to escape”


The village school of Gresswiller in the Bruche Valley (Bas-Rhin) will soon bear the name of a true Alsatian hero! She will be baptized this Saturday (October 1) by the name of Martin Winterberger. This resistance fighter was 25 years old when he managed to escape from the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp, the only concentration camp … Read more

Anna Essinger, the teacher who escaped with her students from the Nazi regime


An entire school escaped the Nazi regime. Teacher Anna Essinger planned everything to save 66 children. Years later they became 900. The Nazi regime broke into Germany and into the lives of millions of Jews on January 30, 1933, when Adolf Hitler he was appointed chancellor and democracy was put to an end. Eight months … Read more

“The Odyssey of Angelo Riccardi, from Greece to the Nazi concentration camps”, the book on the financier of Sant’Ambrogio presented in Cassino

Cassino – Angelo Riccardi’s Odyssey from Greece to the Nazi concentration camps “, it is not a Ken Follet novel, but it is the telling of a true story; the story of Angelo Riccardi, a financier from Sant’Ambrogio sul Garigliano, written by his son, Professor Antonio Riccardi. The book was presented a few days ago … Read more