Some 15,000 people discover the most human side of science at the European Night of Researchers in Granada

The streets of the city are filled with science with more than 300 activities in the edition that has meant a complete return to attendance Some 15,000 people today got to know the most human face of science up close at the European Night of Researchers, which held its eleventh edition in Granada as well … Read more

European Researchers’ Night and Researchers at school: children meet researchers to discover the wonders of science

The European Researchers’ Night, Europe’s largest science communication and promotion event, will be held today in 26 countries to highlight the diversity of European research and innovation and their impact on the daily lives of European citizens. The European Researchers’ Night, Europe’s largest science communication and promotion event, will be held today in 26 countries … Read more

Researchers’ Night 2022, Peppe Voltarelli’s show at the UniCal di Rende


Beppe Voltarelli Tonight will end the Researchers’ Night 2022 at the University of Calabria in Rende and, as expected and announced, the famous singer-songwriter and actor from Cosenza will be on stage Peppe Voltarelli. The artist announced his presence and the show through his social channels, anticipating the intentions of the concert that will take … Read more

“A night at the museum”: solidarity evening in favor of the Santobono


The voice of Michele Placidoactor, director and screenwriter, and the notes of the Neapolitan repertoire he played closed the third edition of “A night at the museum”, the charity event organized by the association Quicksilver, chaired by the lawyer. Roberta Giova this year at the Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte. Michele Placido, A Night … Read more

The night of the 12th is a film about all the women killed by men


29 September 2022 15:51 Very pleasant and captivating, intimate and collective, completely feminist and yet universal because it is devoid of any Manichaeism but rather as full of nuances as it is of atmospheres. IS The night of 12 by the French Dominik Moll who, after being presented at Cannes Premiere along with other important … Read more

A student spoke about the taking of the Carlos Pellegrini school: “No authority can enter and you cannot leave at night”


In the midst of the protests in different Buenos Aires schools, whose students decided to take over the establishments and launch strong denunciations against the City government, Micaela Güera de Souza, president of the Student Center of the Carlos Pellegrini Higher School of Commercewhich depends on the University of Buenos Aires (UBA)spoke from the door … Read more

Sassari, the Researchers’ Night returns: scheduled events


The Researchers’ Night in Sassari. There Researchers’ Nightmain event of the Sharper project to which theUniversity of Sassari joined again this year, will take place on September 30th with a series of activities aimed at spreading scientific culture in the city and in the territory, through various and original forms of interaction with citizenship in … Read more

European Researchers’ Night: STREETS, where cultures meet


NAPLES – In the Sala del Consiglio of the University of Naples Federico II presented this morning the program by the STREETS network (Science, Technology and Research for Ethical Engagement Translated in Society) for EUROPEAN RESEARCH NIGHT 2022. The project, approved and funded by the European Community as part of the “Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions” … Read more

The Researchers’ Night dedicated to Piero Angela: Unicam among the protagonists


CAMERINO – The university has joined the European Sharper project for the third consecutive year. Here is the calendar of appointments scheduled for Friday 30 September, which will also involve the offices of Matelica and San Benedetto September 24, 2022 – 09:13 am – loading readings The Unicam rector Claudio Pettinari For the third consecutive … Read more