Initial notes on the proposal for the Integrated Basic Education curriculum

In recent days, the preliminary version of the Integrated Basic Education (EBI) curriculum was released. The text is based on a series of shared appreciations regarding the need to provide higher levels of integration to the development of educational proposals in initial, primary and secondary education. This proposal is based on the demand for a … Read more

Calls to wear the qamis, to pray… Two notes from the state services warn of attacks against secularism in schools

Two notes from state services, which BFMTV was able to consult, reveal an Islamist offensive on social networks calling on students to break the rules of secularism. With the start of the new school year approaching, the messages multiplied. On Twitter but also on Tik Tok, calls to encourage students to wear the veil or … Read more

A village of books … and music, a night of notes in Casertavecchia


– Eleven concerts, eighteen musicians, six locations, eight time slots. It is a titanic effort that of «A Midsummer Night Concerts», the prologue of «A Village of Books» scheduled for the night of August, on the eve of the Assumption, in the medieval village of Casertavecchia. From 7 pm to midnight (starting time of the … Read more

Red notes like the flames of hell | Notes by Jorge Saldaña


NOTES public worshipchildren of my happy melodies: the issue of insecurity brings us potosinos more sunny than bathers in Acapulcogives us something to talk about, occupies us on the networks, worries us at school, work and coffee, keeps us tense at home and with constant concern for the integrity of our families and their own. … Read more

“A strokes of notes”: the comedians of silent cinema set to music by the students, Wednesday 6 July in Largo San Giorgio in Pordenone


Pordenone, 4 July 2022. The protagonists of the third appointment with the cinema under the stars will be the students. Wednesday 6 July at 9:30 pm, in the new arena of Largo San Giorgio, the appointment with “A hits of notes”, the historic project by Cinemazero, which, thanks to the collaboration with the Cineteca del … Read more

“When words don’t help, musical notes and coding commands can tell stories. Express emotions. Create new dreams”, explain the promoters of the school insertion project in Lazio


Reception and teaching. In the workshops, Ukrainian minors fleeing the war learn to make music with the coding. According to the survey of the Ministry of Education, the Ukrainian students welcomed since February 24 are 27,506. Of which 6,148 in kindergarten. 12,713 in primary school, 6,086 in lower secondary school. And 2,559 in the upper … Read more