The new curriculum received contributions from 75 institutions, the majority from the ruling party

The new school curriculum that is intended to be applied starting this year received contributions from 75 institutions, most of them related to the Government. Teachers assure that none of their suggestions were incorporated into this new plan. “Several organizations presented their proposals for the development of the new curricular plan,” Fernando Carrión, coordinator of … Read more

The Democratic Party looks to the vote: «Terni is in disarray. We build an alternative »

07 Jan 2023 11:30 by Fra. Tor. «The center-right’s city project has been the great absence of recent years. Just as absent was the tension and the design dimension. This absence has put the city in a floating condition and made it more fragile. Participation and public debate were also absent, evident signs of a … Read more

Habemus il reato di rave party. E ora? L’opinione di Stampanoni

Senza entrare nel merito delle scelte di politica criminale operate dal legislatore – al quale spetta il compito di individuare le condotte penalmente rilevanti – la disposizione, nella sua versione finale, è un più che accettabile compromesso che pone rimedio a molte delle criticità evidenziate negli scorsi mesi. L’opinione di Guido Stampanoni Bassi, avvocato e … Read more

Hockey Canada, Rogatien et le party à bord d’un avion en vedette au « Bye bye 2022 »


Alerte au divulgâcheur – Si vous n’avez pas vu le Bye bye 2022 et que vous souhaitez garder la surprise, ne lisez pas la suite de cet article. Simon-Olivier Fecteau, Guillaume Lespérance et leur bande ont donc délaissé les blagues sur la COVID-19 – ou presque – pour parler de ce qu’il y a eu de meilleur et de pire … Read more

Charlotte M. makes her film debut with Flamingo Party


After a first taste of cinema with the recent dubbing of the animated film The Nutcracker and The Magic Flute, the very young youtuber Charlotte M. makes her debut as a leading actress in Flamingo Party directed by Emanuele Pisano. In theaters from New Year’s Day 2023, the film is a glossy comedy centered on … Read more

Budget law, the wrath of the Democratic Party: cuts in school and health care, takes away the poor and rewards tax evaders, pushes women away from retirement


The Hall of the Chamber of Deputies According to Democratic party there Budget Law 2023, approved in the Chamber a few hours before Christmas, is a total disappointment: “winks at whoever escapeswidens the tax differences between self-employment and employee e hides cuts to health care and education (the reference is to the unification of hundreds … Read more

The Maneuver subtracts resources from the school, the Democratic Party cries out to the scandal: we are back to Moratti’s cuts, rather than promoting merit


Simona Malpezzi (PD) The slamming of 99 percent of the amendments to the Budget Law gives rise to opposition to the Meloni government, accused of not wanting to invest in the school. Three of the most critical voices stands out that of Irene Manzi, leader of the Democratic Party in the Culture Commission of the … Read more

Flamingo Party by Charlotte M.: Exclusive preview, the video clip of the song


charlotte m.creator with millions of followers, arrives at the cinema with his first film: Charlotte M. The Movie: Flamingo Party, an invitation to always be yourself. offers you an exclusive preview of the video clip of Flamingo Partyone of the two unreleased songs by Charlotte M. that make up the soundtrack. The world of … Read more

Elections 2022 and school: job insecurity, salaries, construction, pensions. Comparison of party programmes. UPDATED WITH ITALEXIT

The political clash for the 2022 electoral campaign is in full swing. Elections scheduled for 25 September. School is one of the topics on which the political conflict has been in full swing for a few weeks. Let’s compare the programs of the parties. Italexit School staff and salaries Recruitment and salary improvement program. Salaries … Read more

This was the birthday party of the Mosteiro school


While the children played on inflatable mats, their parents and grandparents carefully observed the half dozen borders arranged on the covered patio. In them smiled children who are now middle-aged men and women. The Mosteiro (Meis) school celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and celebrated it yesterday with a party that had a lot of … Read more