EXCLUDED – Patrick Sébastien, his rare secrets on the “school phobia” of his daughter Lily – Gala

As he prepares to release a book on the hardships he has just gone through, Patrick Sébastien granted Gala an interview in our issue of September 22, 2022. The former presenter of France 2 talks about the school difficulties of his 15-year-old daughter Lily. Patrick Sébastien lives again. The animator-producer publishes a book entitled Live … Read more

First name: Patrick Bruel, Guillaume de Tonquédec… What are the first names of the actors’ children?

In 2012, two years after his theater success, First name landed at the cinema, before arriving a decade later on Disney +, this Friday, September 2. A very successful adaptation, produced by the authors of the play, Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière. “In good ‘bobos’ that we are, we gave our children quite … Read more

Neil Patrick Harris: magic tricks, a cake in the shape of Amy Winehouse’s corpse and her coming out


Neil Patrick Harris had a leading role at age 15 as a teenage prodigy. He had to wait many years to shine again (Netflix) As a boy he was worried because in comparison to his friends he was taking a long time to “hit the growth spurt”. Actor Neil Patrick Harris, star of mismatchedthe Netflix … Read more

Who are Pierre Thoumelin and Patrick Meunier, the new bosses of the Bayeux gendarmerie?


By Frederic Bourgeois Published on 8 Aug 22 at 17:27 updated on 8 Aug 22 at 17:27 The Renaissance the Bessin See my news Follow this media Captain Patrick Meunier, second in command, and squadron leader Pierre Thoumelin, commander of the Bayeux gendarmerie company. ©Frédéric BOURGEOIS After three years in Martinique as second in command … Read more

Cinema / From the Us to Ivory Coast: the son of Prime Minister Achi Patrick confides in his father


Humble, courteous and dynamic, Hervé Achi Claude honors his father Patrick Achi, Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire. The immersion of this young executive in world cinema has opened the floodgates of professionalism to players in the sector since his return to the fold where he decided to take his destiny into his own hands. Hervé … Read more

“His eyes never lie”: died forty years ago, Patrick Dewaere continues to inspire actors


Tender, flamboyant, impetuous, he played as close as possible to emotions. The flayed Patrick Dewaere, who died at 35 after a lightning career, remains a model for several generations of actors, from Vincent Lindon to Victor Belmondo and Niels Schneider. “That I tell you about Patrick Dewaere? But my good friend, for that, I would … Read more

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor case: the former TF1 news presenter loses his last TV show


the essential Following the latest revelations in the context of the “PPDA affair”, for which the journalist is accused by many women of having committed rape and sexual assault, France Télévisions has decided to withdraw him from the air, for this which was the last program the former JT presenter worked on. TV and Patrick … Read more

Anthropologist Patrick Declerck in a “school of snipers” in Arizona


The United States remains shaken by the recent shooting in Uvalde, Texas. In the program Tout un monde, the anthropologist Patrick Declerck returns, through the story of apprentice snipers, to the very special link of Americans to firearms. A few weeks after the shooting of Uvalde which made 21 dead in an elementary school, the … Read more