Concussions: a quick return to school would be beneficial for young people

MONTREAL — Young people who have suffered a concussion should return to school as soon as possible, as long as measures are taken to accommodate their symptoms, researchers from the Children’s Hospital Research Institute have found. of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). And paradoxically, the more intense the symptoms, the greater the benefits of returning to school. … Read more

Danger! Cyber ​​police warn of challenge using anxiolytics in young people inside schools

The viral challenges once again put the safety of millions of children and adolescents at risk. One in particular involves getting together to take sleeping pills, but must be resisted as the winner will be the last to fall asleep. This dangerous and absurd challenge was detected by the Cyber ​​Police of the Citizen Security … Read more

The pressure of the driving license among young people


Louis, 20, lives with his parents in Val-d’Oise. Thanks to his job, he was able to save money… but it won’t be for the permit. “What use would that be to me? he justifies himself. There’s the RER, the train, carpooling, cycling…” Like him, more and more young people are shying away from the car … Read more

Beyond school / The future of young people is about to begin


Registration for the next school year opens today. For the parents of pupils who are at the end of their cycle, this is certainly a very important, sometimes crucial, moment. The choice becomes increasingly difficult and weighted as the age of the boys grows. In particular, for those who are preparing to enter the secondary … Read more

More than 1,400,000 people enjoyed Urban Parks in 2022


Parks They offer a space for sports and recreation. During the year you can do various free activities. More than 70,000 neighbors attended the physical activity classes. The players of the Parque de la Familia Table Tennis School won important prizes. “A place to be happy” is the motto with which the urban parks they … Read more

Ottawa high school graduate Landon McAlpine wanted to be the reason people smiled

“Landon’s journey in life will not be defined by the battle he fought but by the strong, funny, amazing son he was.” Landon McAlpine, a recent graduate of Ottawa high school, battled cancer for exactly one year and 12 hours before he died at 1:45 p.m., pain free and comfortable with his family and two … Read more

Chili. Rocío Alorda president of the Association of Journalists: “Communication is a right of all people”


Latin American Summary, December 30, 2022. The leader referred to the challenges that the head of the union will face and the need to guarantee the right of communication for all people in the country. In conversation with the first edition of Radioanalisis, the new president of the College of Journalists, Rocío Alordareferred to the … Read more



SULMONA – “There would be a million things to say about the all-Italian disaster and which concerns the world of prisons in general and Sulmona in particular if we refer to the penitentiaries of L’Aquila. However, I will limit myself to listing those which, if dealt with properly, would at least float a boat that … Read more

The NEETs: young people who don’t study and don’t work (by Stefano Gelati)


Stefano Gelati Neet: not in education, employment or training. Acronym which in English means: no study, not employed or in training. It is an indicator of the share of the population aged between 15 and 29 (in many surveys reference is made to the age group between 15 and 34) who are neither employed nor … Read more